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LOL really? what is the truth? Please counter what I said with it.

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B hot teen girlfriend
B hot teen girlfriend
B hot teen girlfriend
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Zolosar 11.08.2018
Yes, anger is good and powerful, and that you?re accomplishing so much exposure of abusers is commendable. But to confuse their hypocrisy and apostasy with larger truths is not.
Shaktisar 16.08.2018
It's a great idea for a cinema saga or a TV series, reminded me of The Man in High Castle. An alternative timeline with Julian the Apostate surviving and prevailing. What would have happened if he had been a little more careful? How would Europe (and the rest of the world) be nowadays?
Zuzilkree 25.08.2018
Where do you think you got anything right? Wtf?
Ter 30.08.2018
If everything is viewed separate then no connections can be made.
Daiktilar 08.09.2018
John 20:28: Thomas answered him, ?My Lord and my God!?
Tautaur 19.09.2018
That's not what I said.
Tygozil 20.09.2018
Since you "know" it was true, you were there, huh?
Dobei 26.09.2018
Sounds like a nasty virus. :/
Darisar 01.10.2018
straight women go to strip clubs now its a thing
Shaktit 06.10.2018
Hawking needs to provide evidence first
Mubei 16.10.2018
What does this have to do with Monica Lewinsky's apology?
Kazik 22.10.2018
Forever is indeed part of eternity however forever and eternity are not the same thing.
Goltit 22.10.2018
It only blocks the poster from the one who blocks them, everyone else can still see his posts.
Voodookora 24.10.2018
That's precisely what you did a few hours ago with your reference to Maxine Waters.
Bralmaran 31.10.2018
You stated:"Jim Jones was a Christian as were Bruce Lee, David Berkowitz, Jeffrey Dahmer, Sampson Kanderayi -
Maukazahn 05.11.2018
" maybe someday they will come true"
Fele 13.11.2018
Easy to say since alcohol was made legal without the restrictions you wish to apply to marijuana.
Kajigar 16.11.2018
The website name escapes me. Maybe IndyTHOUGHT knows
Negami 19.11.2018
I try to get my point across.
Kajisar 25.11.2018
I think that part of it has to do with the infamy of it all. Another part is the loss of morality in not only the shows they watch, but the choices they are given as well. So. Many. Choices. Nothing is solid, and it's a very well known psychological fact that people need stability in their lives. Even the core things that make you who you are have been made "fluid." On top of that, we have social media and bullying that never used to happen. The schools have taken away the ability of the victim to defend themselves, and undereport and ignore these incidents so their school doesn't look bad. Next to this is the new belief that the world owes you something. Free college, a "living wage," etc. Entitlement is running rampant because feelings are more important than logic And fact. Boys aren't allowed to be boys anymore and girls aren't allowed to be girls because of "inclusivity." If you raise your kid as a boy because he's a boy, you're pounding toxic masculinity into their heads. masculinity isn't a bad thing.... We have come to a point in history where right is wrong, and feelings matter more than facts. There is no moral compass because there is no incentive to be a good person because the lines are all blurred.
Kagarn 01.12.2018
I disagree with abortions at all I believe that that is why they have adoptions whether the female was raped or not or whatever the situation maybe that's why there is adoption. I as a person that believe and the Bible and what our father in Heaven tells us that we should and should not do. Based on the Bible is the life that God created us for that he would like for us to live. And I know that everybody does not believe in the Bible and we all have our differences and our points of view however I find it very strange that in every household around the country there's not one person that does not know what the Bible is or where it came from or the Ten Commandments for that matter. And one of those Ten Commandment says Thou shalt not kill. It is a sin against God to take a life that he has given to you to take care of because it is not your life it is his. Children are a gift from God he gives them to us for only a short time we are there Guardians their protectors regardless how they are created and bring into this world.
Goltigrel 07.12.2018
I never saw god described as a failure before. An interesting take
Tuhn 14.12.2018
To me, an echo chamber is when the opinions are strictly opinions and aren't backed up with facts and people agree without using facts and reason. I find that the people who claim "echo chamber" just want everyone to agree with them regardless if they are actually right or not. I'd rather be an "echo chamber" than to just agree and not use facts and reasoning.
Mazusida 20.12.2018
Seriously? Who let you into the koolaid?
Aragal 24.12.2018
Morning Cat. Kinda foggy here this morning after a couple of days of rain, but I can see it lifting and the clear blue sky's above. I think its gonna be a nice day.
Meziran 31.12.2018
lmao, another example of a terrible argument
Najind 02.01.2019
I love having the man lead. LOVE LOVE. Unfortunately most men don't seem to want that role in my experience.
Mujas 11.01.2019
Arrested and imprisoned aren't exactly equivalent terms. I can agree a known criminal should be detained if they have a record and are wanted by another country. But at that point, we'd hand them over to that other country and wouldn't keep them here.
Akisida 14.01.2019
And stop whining too


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