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Did some leftist who couldn't let things go gun down a republican congressman at a baseball practice.

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Asian teen korean filipino chinese
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Tojakinos 19.02.2018
Your last comment was deflecting away from your claim .
Gardajora 22.02.2018
It had seemed to me that because the gay couple could have gone to another bakery, maybe seeing something to Mr. Phillips particular religious views, this case was more about shoving something into the faces of more conservative thinking people than standing up for their rights.
Dudal 24.02.2018
Where did you get the idea God thought the world was flat? Just nonsense.
Misida 26.02.2018
Are you a gay, left wing journalist?
Shakagis 02.03.2018
One of my teachers had a water gun.
Votaur 10.03.2018
i was catholic for many years. i spend time in
Kajigrel 17.03.2018
hehhehehe That will teach me to walk and play Pokemon Go!!!
JoJokora 19.03.2018
You see the Boondocks episode on it?
Shaktigar 28.03.2018
What is the purpose of taxation? Is it to penalize the "rich" or to generate tax revenue dollars? Going by your typical "progressive" response, it's largely for punitive measures. When the top 10% pay over 70% of the taxes, it's hard to argue that they don't pay "their fair share." Funny that the bottom 40% that pays a negative tax rate, according to these same "progressive" are "overtaxed."
Febar 03.04.2018
While I lean toward that not being the case, I'm not committed to my lean. SOME order, SOME kind of law would be established and take over even in the chaos, as it does in nature, I'm sure.
Yorn 07.04.2018
So, as long as you feel it, it's that way for everybody...? That's your logic? "Real" Christians can't be racist? Am I getting this right?
Gugis 12.04.2018
First time I popped the question was to a classmate in first grade. There was another kid talking her up and I suppose I was a little jealous. She said she would marry me when we grew up. School out for summer, she moved out of state and I never heard from her again.
Fenrigore 22.04.2018
How does the Bible claim the earth is only 6000 years old?
Malakasa 01.05.2018
It doesn't disappoint me. I just do not understand what you are trying to prove.
Dogami 05.05.2018
For one, its never for love, that is a modern concept created in the enlightenment era or later. Its all about making babies and owning women, who get no say in it at all.
Dalrajas 13.05.2018
"The President shall be Commander in Chief of the Army and Navy of the United States, and of the Militia of the several States, when called into the actual Service of the United States; . . . " But every member of the military swears an oath to "support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic" which means an illegal order is still an illegal order and can be refused.
Malalabar 18.05.2018
Did it equal 5?
Morisar 27.05.2018
It makes me think of hippies, lol.
Tygojind 31.05.2018
Legal brothels get tested and IDed.
Mikacage 05.06.2018
This stuff should have been posted on a Friday instead so I could just go kill the affected brain cells at the bar... now I gotta wait lol.
Zulkiktilar 12.06.2018
Once, when I was a student, I was threatened for reading a fascist magazine. I want to be free to know what anybody thinks, regardless of the stupidity or hatred of their contents.
Negul 21.06.2018
Oh propoganda? Yeah, ok. YOU go with that all you wish to. But there is no propoganda. They just report facts. They just report stories.
Malarisar 26.06.2018
What kind of a question is that??


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