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"Chloe!" Sasha said; she always gave her sister her space, but was ready to run to her rescue at any time. Ok, so we get to our dorms and during lunch some white inmates come to us (the new inmates) and tell us that we are outnumbered by the black inmates 4 to 1 and we need to stick together.

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As long as they are taught age appropriate, evidence based facts on all sides of religion, politics and sex there is no problem. Zero tolerance for advocacy.

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Dozshura 17.07.2018
Priests don't generally get involved in politics.
Zulusar 22.07.2018
That is true, many use the Scriptures improperly and many interpret differently. I was only mentioning scripture as highlighting my own foundation. I try not to 'argue', however I will defend my position.
Mezibei 28.07.2018
As Eric said it is not meant to be.
Gagor 06.08.2018
So the translation isn?t important except for the times it is.
Karisar 11.08.2018
when you enlisted.... while mr hogg will probably earn a commission
Kami 13.08.2018
Tax cuts to the wealthy are always called"trickle down". Or call it supply side. The recent tax cuts to businesses and the wealthy were all about saying they would "trickle down" to the employees and improve the economy for everyone. It isn't happening. It won't happen. Labor is paid at what someone is willing to do the job for and not a penny more. Companies making billions will move jobs to China to make a few million more. They will leave cities for tax cuts elsewhere. They will leave the US or pretend to for tax cuts or tax shelters elsewhere.
Jull 19.08.2018
So you are saying YESHUA was tempted but he did not give in to temptation ? I can and do agree with that........ But if he was born without sin ( Adam and Eve ) who made man full of Sin . YESHUA would not have been tempted. It is this Theology that contradictory. ?? ??
JoJojind 22.08.2018
I would agree with the overall conception that God is Love and one should express Love to every-ONE.
Arabei 25.08.2018
What can you say about his historical life. We know the lies. Not born of a virgin. Not a "son of god", did not die and did not come back to life.
Kajisar 02.09.2018
We need to enforce our laws. The argument is really how we do it. You probably hated Obama and thought he had open borders, but if you look at what actually happened those eight years, it's not true. W had a zero tolerance policy but he accelerated processing. I like that idea. Then we don't have to worry about Flores and how long we can keep them before we release them. I like the idea of a friendlier, broader ICE branch (maybe rename and rebrand) that finds the illegals and processes them on the spot. Say a guy had a DUI ten years ago and he's denied a work visa. So he sneaks in and gets caught by "Warm ICE." They issue him a special visa that says he will be deported if he's found intoxicated regardless of whether he's near a vehicle or not. Now, Warm ICE finds out he's a murderer, rapist or drug dealer and he is turned over to Cold as ICE who imprison and deport or whatever. The enforcement is the difference between cuffing someone and beating them, tasering them on the ground, beating them some more and then cuffing them.
Fauhn 08.09.2018
Life is moving on.
Gugrel 17.09.2018
I find women attractive when eating healthy foods.
Meztilkis 21.09.2018
Except he isn't a part of their relationship.
Tesida 28.09.2018
it only works with tube toe socks
Dusida 08.10.2018
Lol i went to school during the dc sniper days lol. I remember ducking and walking in zig zags to get into our school lmao.
Gushicage 09.10.2018
Also in fairness yes there are a lot of nice Christians. Not perfect Christians though. None follow the religion as it is written. They pick and choose what to follow and when to do so.
Tebei 15.10.2018
Why? Because God says you aren't equal to Jesus. So simple! The trouble with your post is that it is all based upon your fallible, human reasoning, and not based upon the way that God thinks.
Arazshura 22.10.2018
What was the religion of most of the not-Zs?
Vorn 29.10.2018
So I am to believe, that some magical sky daddy, created the Universe in six days and rested on the 7th. I am to believe that the earth is only about 6,000 years old. I am to believe that a tribe of nomads, desert dwellers, who thought the earth was flat, that the sun revolved around the earth, that people who were sick or mentally ill were possessed by demons wrote the truth?
Nesar 31.10.2018
I prefer facts as well as the forthrightness of calling out people who believe in fantastical beasts and where to find them.
Nesida 04.11.2018
Actually if "history speaks" Clinton and Obama hold records for letting dangerous felons out of prison. Trump, as recent "history speaks" puts dangerous felons away.
Yozshular 12.11.2018
Simple math requires getting the initial premises in check. Yours are off.
Togor 22.11.2018
Would the prophecy have been less true if Israel became a nation in 1983? 1822? Had not yet become a nation?
Fenrigar 02.12.2018
How do you know he doesn't require a creator?
Zulujin 11.12.2018
"You are wilfully ignoring my comments."
Kazram 15.12.2018
No it's not. You guys have had a very long time to provide proof for that nonsense story
Mikajas 24.12.2018
How would I know? I'm not God. But He does explain as He sees fit, timing. Perhaps that will be answered. Perhaps God will allow the skeptic full access to it all. Noahs ark, exodus, this sun stoppage thing. Perhaps ot was some huge planets gravity swinging by on an ecliptic orbit which far outreaches any other within our solar system...a huge gaseous beast. That eclipse was for three hours as Luke described.
Kezuru 28.12.2018
Cuttle fish are likely smarter than rays, but i dont know that much of rays...
Mazucage 04.01.2019
Sjw. Not contempt for the poor misled children or people but more like amusement or perhaps bemusement.
Daijind 06.01.2019
Why not? an atheist is as likely as any other, and as a Judgment is not an issue and people are just bit of biological flotsam anyway. . .
Gogul 09.01.2019
Unfortunately, the media and Democrats only seem to care about innocent lives being lost when a bullet is involved.
Arashik 14.01.2019
Sure, the metallurgy actually is likely to make an interesting contrast to magical. To many alienated, dependent, and low literacy consumers in modern society, however,, actually, I might still argue for the magical level. Even the issue of human waste disposal or drinking water sources in the big cities is an unknown variable that defies sustainable usage.


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