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I think its fair to say once you have decided the Abrahamic god as the bible reads doesn't exist there is no going back after one comes to such a conclusion. Now, that being said, when you do declare that its not from a lack of being open mind, in fact its the opposite. Its being completely open minded and using your mind to read, explore and actually respectfully care about your beliefs. Or that was the case for me.

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Anima fucked by aliens
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Gur 16.07.2018
The devil, it says, was no ordinary arch angel but third in command. He was anointed. He altered or twisted the words of God. That's all evil is. Its not creating anything, but altering it. Gods truth was twisted just a bit, half truths and also presented to mankind. There's a 'vulnerability' dealing in love. It says God is love. You have risk waiting on the other side to follow through on their part. That's where the fall happened. Mankind chose to side with this twisted version. It's separate from God. Holy...unholy. They can't be together, one destroys the other..logically.
Zulkis 24.07.2018
One has to study, train, or acquire experience to obtain a "living wage".
Monris 26.07.2018
All obvious lessons that are ignored.
Kigazahn 01.08.2018
According to courts including SCOTUS, EVERYONE ON US SOIL.
Arazil 10.08.2018
Your yawn doesn't conceal your anxiety. My one request is that you examine the Christ.
Akigis 11.08.2018
Depends on the context of race.
Gusida 18.08.2018
Nope, but ignorance & Trump supporter travel together.
Merisar 20.08.2018
As far as I can tell, you have no way of quantifying the decreased pleasure circumcised men may feel. It's not decreasing their interest in sex, is for sure, and that would seem to be the biggest risk I can think of.
Shaktile 29.08.2018
Done? But we didn't have sex! I want my break up fee NOW!
Kanris 04.09.2018
You have a deeply relevant point.
Moogusida 14.09.2018
How about jobs that dont take from those paying taxes. How about less government and more free market.
Sak 20.09.2018
I said I can't believe in something impossible to imagine. That's all I said.
Mezilkis 23.09.2018
Am I taking charge because I've been taught that to let him be in charge makes me weak or do I want to actually make all those decisions? The way we are now is that he leads and I follow. This is very different than he rules and I obey. That wouldn't fly. I'm terrible at obeying. If I feel I have to do something I will usually do the opposite.
Mazukinos 27.09.2018
I am glad you aren't interested in discussing of my reasoning #1. So you concede your initial point, then?
Neramar 06.10.2018
Nope. You show that this is just one more area you are ignorant about.
Shajinn 11.10.2018
Neither of those questions is a relevant conclusion based on my actual words. You seem to be looking for a fight, which is not my interest.


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