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i am curious, why is it , "not his last name"?

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Aatk natural and hairy
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Branos 10.05.2018
That's one of the ones on my list...
Tygolmaran 20.05.2018
Are you an abortionist too?! :)
Kajisar 27.05.2018
Each head trips individually when exposed to temperatures >140 degrees. Then they run continuously until they are shut off by the fire department at the riser.
Mukree 29.05.2018
there's another reason to ditch the OT. People like you actually think slavery is ok. That's just f'd up
Kerr 06.06.2018
Mr.99%, God allows us free choice. We however, are sinners. You see, we are not sinners because we sin, we sin because we are sinners.
Zulkitaur 16.06.2018
God, according to christians, gave us the thing, why do christians think that they can improve on god's creation?
Kekazahn 22.06.2018
And this is EXACTLY why I never, effing ever want a majority government!
Majinn 28.06.2018
It wasn't actually that.
Doumuro 04.07.2018
I have seen this illusion plausibly explained. All illusion is and can be explained for whatever physical contraptions are used to portray the hoax. This is not so with magic. Magic is paranormal; illusory is not. The error many people make in their understanding about them is that they think the two are one in the same thing, but they aren?t. They are a world apart from one another.
Arataur 08.07.2018
You mean like most lgbtq groups who purposely target christian families and businesses? Like those guys?
Kazrajas 14.07.2018
I agree, I think she has to distance herself a bit since she is the person uncomfortable
Dusho 23.07.2018
Member of the dippys !
Bagore 26.07.2018
Cue the protests.
Mazurn 05.08.2018
"The doctors wanted to let the child die because his situation was hopeless, and life extension would've been cruel."
Arashura 10.08.2018
I often see tiny puppies, chis usually, that are dragged around by kids too young to know better and look miserable. Some just look sick, and I want to go all PETA on them.
Ferisar 17.08.2018
seriously? I am the only guy who goes into the bakery with expectations of seeing a hot girl serving and screams "F_CK!" internally if there's a guy serving?
Mizahn 26.08.2018
Sorry Matt, but I want a diamond, lol. Or a semi-precious stone of some kind.
Nishicage 04.09.2018
Every leftist is an elitist.
Karan 11.09.2018
"1. God exists. (This is the Empirical proof that Deism and Theism has agreed upon.)"
Nak 18.09.2018
Well I have no reason not to believe that Bill Gates exists
Taurn 25.09.2018
I do not toss in a "token" criticism. I just do not view things with the same anti-Liberal bias that you do. Much of the debt problems of Ontario right now are due to a suffering manufacturing sector that the province has little control over, but is almost wholly subject to the Fed who either drives the CAD up or down. The Cons started driving the dollar up the moment that they had a majority all to the of their Big Oil masters and to the detriment of the Ontario economy which is more dependent upon sale of manufacturing to the US markets.
Kazimuro 04.10.2018
One of the two scientists, David Thaler, as quoted in the article:
Nigal 13.10.2018
Evidently Lois has never known desperation. She doesn't even understand the notion in her likely cushy life. Desperation cuts thru everything. There should not be even one Christian out there who would not protest this.
Vogami 19.10.2018
"No geological difficulties,
Grozahn 22.10.2018
The link you gave me was for turner syndrome a genetic condition:


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