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What Kind Of Sex Are You

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It would mean that either 99.9999% are wrong; or 100% are wrong.

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What Kind Of Sex Are You
What Kind Of Sex Are You
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Dom 27.08.2018
but why call it god and not you? That makes it seem separate
Meztisar 29.08.2018
No problem, and I've made the same mistakes in the past. You got the invite from me, but that's because as a mod once we approve the posts the invites go out from us even when we don't write them.
Dokree 31.08.2018
Haha, in pull-ups. Eating like a boss!
Faerr 07.09.2018
Does that make it any better? It came from your brain (well...or somewhere...).
Kagagar 14.09.2018
The best, yet lost this one...and so many others too many to list
Kalkis 17.09.2018
It sounds like letting jerks off the hook. I was more sensitive when I was younger as well and had to become a bit tougher, so I get that. Part of that was not letting people off the hook for awful behavior or making excuses for them.


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