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Wife takes care of hubby

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Even assuming that homosexuality is indeed a choice (which is funny: I don't remember being asked to be heterosexual) - why is that any of my business what consenting adults are doing behind closed doors?

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Ultimate Fat Burners
Ultimate Fat Burners
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Tojasar 04.07.2018
Well, earth was not created "In the beginning"
Yosho 11.07.2018
Yet they are the ones dieing in the areanas of chaos the US created. Does that not deserve mutual respect?
Guktilar 15.07.2018
OK, then I guess that I will have to do your work for you. Are you so sure that I don't know that those instances are ALL in the Bible? I was *raised* a devout Christian -- and guess what (*gasp!*)? I'm STILL a Christian!
Goltikazahn 26.07.2018
I'm not arrogant. I am simply confident that I know a lot more than you about evolution.
Vubei 28.07.2018
What? We're suppose to create "doctrine, ideology"? Nope, that is NOT how Atheism works. Sadly, you have no clue what the word means. Here, try this:
Mazusar 02.08.2018
"Immigration advocates and enforcement agents may not agree on much, but there is one group that the two sides have long pushed to put under greater scrutiny: the employers who hire workers who are in the country illegally.
Sharan 09.08.2018
The scammers are whining. Boohoo.
Guzil 12.08.2018
Relax mami be optimistic
Fautaur 17.08.2018
there is an auto clip of it...it's awful.
Mum 28.08.2018
If you're a woman might I ask if you've ever changed your mind about something you swore you'd never do?
Nikolkree 03.09.2018
Thank you ken for your response. I know not many agree with me. I think that is true because most people use Plato?s definition of ?soul? instead of the Old Testament?s definition. How do you define the word ?soul?, what is a soul? We will have different ideas about after death depending on our definitions. Let?s start with that and then see where that leads us.
Tygolar 07.09.2018
Upvote for the gangs of new york reference.


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