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I know.... I could very easily fall for one of these people here... but...

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Mukora 04.06.2018
Methinks you are inventing a Devil and projecting him where he simply doesn't exist, textually or historically.
Mazushura 10.06.2018
Jeff Sessions thinks so. Trump hired someone who wants to make drug laws tougher.
Bragul 21.06.2018
And none of those indictments involve Trump. Fail.
Arashicage 22.06.2018
Because the OP gives some premises for granted, whereas I think that they should be explained and qualified.
Mazukazahn 26.06.2018
Again, SCOTUS disagrees with you.
JoJogar 26.06.2018
Not angry at all. But given that the majority of your posts only contain a noun, a verb, and either "freedom" or some gobbledygook about guns, shit is about all they deserve.
Nikocage 02.07.2018
It's possible, but as you said, none of us know if it happens when facing death, unless they survive, of course. :)
Mazushicage 12.07.2018
It's the weekeeeeeeeeeeend baby, baby!!! My stepson finally moved out. YAAAAY!! My granddaughter has the room now. I finally got some skin on skin action last night. Now I feel less frustrated. My granddaughter loves this song that she saw on a Sesame Street episode called Furry Happy Monsters, which is a cover of R.E.M.'s Shiny Happy People. She'll dance to it and even try to sing it. She's even tried to sing the chorus when I played Ozzy Osbourne's Mama, I'm Coming Home and No More Tears. My Cheeky Cheeks is learning and developing quickly. *Sniffle* I'm so proud of her. Here's the video to Furry Happy Monsters. Hell, I even sing and dance along with my granddaughter. LOL
Keshura 19.07.2018
Yes, he is a fictional character. Not real. Just like god.
Tashura 25.07.2018
I thought I remembered last Wednesday?
Vit 27.07.2018
Neil Godfey is *also* not a qualified archaeologist with no actual field work experience at the site.
Meztizahn 31.07.2018
You should listen to the stuff that comes out of your mouth sometime......
Ker 08.08.2018
liberals are dumber than spam...they think they are always right and whatever they support is the way the majority roll......suck on it liberals
Kajit 10.08.2018
lots of relationships with one nice person, one nasty person are usually a person who wants a protector/bully to get things done, and do the dirty work. i agree with miss sass. when you scratch the surface, the "nice" one will often reveal them selves to be pretty nasty as well. the nice is just skin deep.
Kazrajora 20.08.2018
Well, next time you may want to read the whole thing ;)
Mooguramar 25.08.2018
Its not very hard to find several names. If you look up the information provided for the irish referendum on abortion they will show up quickly.
Gukree 27.08.2018
I think the conundrum is supposed to be "How can God be all-powerful AND all loving?" Yeah, I know your shtick better than you do, lol.
Arashura 05.09.2018
Please explain how I am losing?
Merisar 09.09.2018
Including when the constitution does not apply.
Mikasho 10.09.2018
You could cite "every shred of evidence", but let the record show that you didn't cite
Malamuro 11.09.2018
I know a woman with an autistic son who ended up on ODSP because of mental health issues. It got her a subsidized two-bedroom apartment. Her mental health issues have cleared up, but now, although she's fully capable of working (and is a stellar, reliable, thoughtful, organized volunteer) getting a job will cost her the apartment, and disrupt her son's life.
Moramar 18.09.2018
This from the man who let his wife know he wanted a divorce on the news.
Grokinos 27.09.2018
Oh...it didn't seem like it. My bad
Meziramar 05.10.2018
So, you have no idea what it is about. Thanks for confirming my conclusion. Educate yourself before discussing.
Zugal 13.10.2018
?What does that have to do with intrinsic spiritual morality??
Mikashura 15.10.2018
He wrote in the sand, but those verses do not say he spoke Greek or Latin.
Mezijinn 23.10.2018
We usually label an action immoral when it is committed by someone that has the capacity to understand the consequences of their actions. Are you suggestion god did not understand what he was commanding in the old testament? This is the being that is claimed to be Omnipotent, Omniscient and Omnipresent (omnibenevolent is also included sometimes).
Mezirg 30.10.2018
Figures, Your favorite argument is a falsehood.
Zologor 04.11.2018
Since when did you become a lawyer?
Yozshutaxe 09.11.2018
Scripture says Rom 8:14-16 "For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, they are the sons of God. For ye have not received the spirit of bondage again to fear; but ye have received the Spirit of adoption, whereby we cry, Abba, Father. The Spirit itself beareth witness with our spirit, that we are the children of God." and again in John 1:12 "But as many as received him, to them gave he power to become the sons of God, even to them that believe on his name:"
Tora 18.11.2018
It's my advice you restrain yourself - for your own well being. From what I've seen on this board, I'm surprised you're still kicking.
Dotilar 28.11.2018
Where I live we just had one week in May that was unseasonably warm, and it was only a few days in that week as well.


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