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While I am for parents having creative control over grooming up to a certain point, I think 13 is a good age to let the child decide.

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Gardarisar 11.05.2018
is your e vagina healthy? asking for a freind..
Daikasa 20.05.2018
What makes you think that I care what your opinion is? I don't. And you cannot demonstrate that God does not exist; nor are you able to even "know" that He does not exist, simply because you do not know everything both inside and outside the universe at all times continuously. That would be necessary for you to say you "know" God does not exist, and still maintain a sense of honesty. Can I demonstrate God? No, He has demonstrated Himself. I don't care if you believe it or not, it is the truth. Take it or leave it. Whatever you do with the information, is your own responsibility before God.
Shaktijar 30.05.2018
"Your approval for your own highly regarded opinions is in fact abysmal. Perhaps one of the least approved posters here on this channel. I have found that several folks who just can?t get much respect preaching their opinions on the Religion Channel offer several explanations or apologetics for there ? getting no respect? "
Gardakazahn 02.06.2018
Proof is in the eye of the beholder. If the beholder is blind he/she won?t see the proof.
Voodoolkis 06.06.2018
nonsense. I friggin love it!
Vijinn 09.06.2018
And not what you attempt to add to it.
Mezikinos 17.06.2018
Yep. That is what is called circular reasoning, therefore it can be absolute.
Magrel 25.06.2018
Trump had expanded it exponentially. Did you know that, or are you now engaging in fake news? I?m curious if it?s just an honest mistake on your part.
Nagar 01.07.2018
?An attempt to deter migrant parents from coming to the USA?
Ter 08.07.2018
Legally or ethically? I can tell you that I'm 30 miles south of Lexington, VA. Although there is a liberal enclave in Lexington, the entire area of the James and Shenandoah Valleys is overwhelmingly conservative, as in 2:1. This establishment has the right, legally, to exclude conservatives, but they're cutting their own noses off to spite their face. They just lost 1/2 of their business. At any rate, political opinions are vastly different from religious ethics.
Goltizilkree 12.07.2018
If your sex skills were a meme..post the meme.
Gatilar 14.07.2018
how we live our lives is the one variable we truely control- very knowing this gives you an innate sort of power
Dataur 16.07.2018
I did notice the text. It says 12.
Nilar 24.07.2018
1) Doesn't really matter if such would be necessary to explain the universe.
Doucage 30.07.2018
I live in a van down by the river.
Samuzshura 04.08.2018
I don't see any real similarities between the two other than them being ways that people have used to help describe the universe they live in.
Gucage 08.08.2018
No he just met a girl and cheated on me now he wants us to be friends
Shaktilabar 15.08.2018
You will figure out the other half eventually.
Nik 25.08.2018
It was a Marxist state
Maunos 01.09.2018
So does yours, my position is far more likely than yours. I Don't see any evidence for unicorns but I do see evidence for God. We can debate this all day but you will never acknowledge the evidence for what it is, and will draw your own conclusion to satisfy your would view.
Gardam 07.09.2018
What? Can that be a reason? LOL!
Kigajas 16.09.2018
Thought we'd have more straightforward answers.


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