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The zygote is only a potential human and has a good chance of being spontaneously aborted.

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Kizuru 26.08.2018
we like private sector jobs, not ones that are created by bureuacrats and funded by taxpayers
Goltijar 31.08.2018
You have a very Traditional Viewpoint....but it may not be entirely true. ?? ??
Goltijinn 05.09.2018
DItto. I was forgiving of that stuff in the old days. Not any more lol
Vogore 15.09.2018
I got a house! Yayyyyyyyyy!
Tygotaxe 16.09.2018
Many working people still remain poor. America has a poverty problem, much more than other developed western countries. Also look up statistics on infantile death and maternal death as well as life expectancy.
Meztiramar 20.09.2018
Nintendo 64 -- Super Mario, Banjo-Kazooie...Yoshi's Island! Video game tournamentsss. yesss.
Kazitaxe 29.09.2018
My pleasure. Lol
Vibei 09.10.2018
No, Hitler's top guys were neo-pagans. The Pope was trying to have a treaty and prevent damage to the RCC by the Nazis and to separate them from politics. Hitler ignored it when he wanted.
Kajijin 13.10.2018
LOL. Good one.
Tojaktilar 18.10.2018
According to a website on Ellis Island, only 2% were rejected.
Nisho 19.10.2018
But the Libs never did get their S together....
Manris 28.10.2018
Yes, all the scientists and learned people are lying. They are a part of some giant conspiracy. They meet in a secret chamber in Mt. Rushmore, inside Lincoln's nose, coming up with lies to annoy theists.
Voodooshicage 04.11.2018
It is just as wrong to associate Hasbara with Jews, than it is to associate ISIS with Islam. Unfortunately, the Israeli state has always been run by the Zionist regime, but as you and I know, Jews are not flocking to get into Israel, and those that do are keeping the citizenship of thier home countries.


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