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Heifers on a banana

Ariana Jollee Takes On Two Cocks!

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Ariana Jollee Takes On Two Cocks!

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According to Justin Timberlake that's for Christmas, after you've been together "a long, long time."

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Heifers on a banana
Heifers on a banana
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Doshakar 15.05.2018
Good points. I think some parents expect their kids to naturally learn these skills but there's less opportunity to learn them now.
Sajind 17.05.2018
It's an easy precedent against government hostility toward religious beliefs.
Gotaxe 20.05.2018
Like hell I support the gouging bastards! My point was that 43% tax is a bit greedy as well, don`t you think? The gas companies at least do the work getting the shit out of the ground, the gov`t does SFA except gathering up the money.
Nagar 24.05.2018
I got what you want. Come and get it.
Kagajora 25.05.2018
Democrats versus republicans isnt a question. Democrats are simply better these days. They suck too, but at least they arent republicans.
Balabar 31.05.2018
That's fine, but you're fairly certain, so this is not about lack of belief. It's about a strong certainty that you know you're right. If you think you're too right and you're in control, then "fairly certain belief there is no God" is helping you make decisions regarding religion. Who would you listen to? Well, maybe philosophers who say religion is bad.
Mausida 02.06.2018
"See how the horse's mouth was perfectly created for the bit." Seriously, that quote is from a fundamentalist book I once skimmed through.
Dogis 06.06.2018
I qualified my statement
Marn 10.06.2018
Again, Exodus International did reparative therapy. Tell us what they are up to now. Is there a reason you won't do this?
Dokora 12.06.2018
I have links, you have HOT AIR
Tesar 17.06.2018
By you labeling it a rant just because it doesn?t coincide with your own interpretation, speaks volumes.
Arashikree 24.06.2018
Indeed. Adults should be teaching children to not hit someone else unless it's in self-defense. Period. Gender shouldn't matter. That's part of the problem. Most adults tell boys not to hit girls, but you don't hear of many adults telling girls not to hit boys.
Doulabar 01.07.2018
Or in other words...
Dirisar 10.07.2018
I think that you are making assumptions about what I believe, not understanding that I was just having some lighthearted fun with the question.
Kigat 14.07.2018
?Then the high priest rent his clothes, saying, He hath spoken blasphemy; what further need have we of witnesses?? Matthew 26:65
Akizshura 17.07.2018
I think he hopes that not all Liberals are insane.
JoJor 20.07.2018
Oh - and just so you know?
Kagagar 23.07.2018
You keep ignoring punishment for blasphemy in Muslims countries which you consider "peaceful".
Mauzuru 27.07.2018
Stolen SCOTUS seat.
Vijinn 07.08.2018
Harper certainly made quite a few really dumb decisions, but there were a lot of good ones. Cutting down on Veteran's Offices was incredibly stupid, increasing TFSA to $10.5K was great.
Nale 14.08.2018
No, the Commonwealth was part of the EU that took orders from Brussels!
Gonos 17.08.2018
TS(unami): a fraudulent Disqus account has again been created to impersonate and harass me across multiple comment sections beginning with Sojourners. This is the fifth fraudulent account to impersonate me.
Sami 22.08.2018
Ya make one bad Dr Suess movie and people forget all about Apollo 13!
Kagalmaran 23.08.2018
White nationalist and Nazi are not synonyms, nor is KKK. Humans are much more unique than the simplistic caricature packages mass media and agenda seekers try to put them in. To not realize that basic fact is to admit you're equal parts ignorant and intellectually lazy.
Zugore 27.08.2018
OK Folks, we all know the Democrats are not serious when they cry social justice or income inequity, we know it is just a power play to keep them in power, but how do we really get these points across to the great unwashed masses.
Yozshuramar 30.08.2018
However, to engage in the discussion, a understanding of terms is important (even if the definition of the terms is unique to the person)
Vora 08.09.2018
Whoever is hiring them should be prosecuted, then....they are hiring workers without valid working papers? They wouldn't be coming here and trying to get those jobs if no one would touch them...they'd be doing the shit jobs, off the books, that no one in America will do anyway.
Brakasa 12.09.2018
Used to assemble Christmas wreaths of dried ornamentals gathered from local flora, and pink peppercorns were always included.
Doumi 15.09.2018
He will learn better...


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