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I think you need higher standards because if you really think the crap Rev says is intelligent, then you need to talk to an actual scientist.

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Hairy back men pic
Hairy back men pic
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Salmaran 24.03.2018
Metoffice says it is warming. Doubt the weather people are lying.
Vudoshakar 28.03.2018
I have seen these at at LEAST two McDonalds in Massachusetts.
Zolot 04.04.2018
It's legal. (Why are you bothered that people can marry, anyway?)
Zulkijinn 10.04.2018
I agree the kingdom of God is within you, but that's irrelevant to Jesus physically returning and removing the wicked from earth.
Yobar 14.04.2018
Good Bye, Scotland!
Shajinn 17.04.2018
lol Ya. That will go over like a lead zeppelin.
Kagam 25.04.2018
Baloney. If California's flourishing agriculture income isn't proof, then you are totally in the dark about what immigrants contribute to our economy.
Fauzahn 30.04.2018
Oh great a free spirit ?Christian? just readin the Bible and cherry-pickin and making your interpretions as you go huh? You?re like a sheep lost out in the woods all by himself. Where do you participate in the Last Supper at? Where you drink grape juice and unconsecrated bread as a symbol? Probably some man-made Protestant sect... Unless you ignore this verse all together with your cherry-pickin?. Jesus said ?This IS my body... This IS my blood?. The Eucharist and Real Presence existed before the Bible was even written. Early Christians adhered to Transubstantion for 1500 years until your Protestant sects corrupted that too. with your grape juice... ??
Malarg 01.05.2018
I thought making the rapist marry his victim was pretty original....I could be wrong
Dougrel 10.05.2018
"Barack Obama ........did choose to celebrate Pride." He gave a big shout out to the Low Down Club.
Arashijora 19.05.2018
John Young doesn't quite understand where he is. Strange - he is fully capable of creating OPs without ever having made a comment. Sounds like he's made his way here from a Christian radio website that linked to this page somehow.
Arashijind 26.05.2018
I stand by my point.
Gokasa 30.05.2018
Based on our universe?
Arashizshura 06.06.2018
Nope. You missed this one. I said that everyone's sin is paid in Full by Really a Worthy Sacrifice. That of God Himself. That enable everyone to stop drinking poison.


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