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Once again, you are naive. I said that Americans can not or will not do the job at "any pay rate". And the low rate of pay is reflected in the prices you pay at the supermarket. What do you knw about that? Again, where are the labor organizations on this? They are not interested in this illegal immigrant crap. Because they already know that its nothing but racism. And those who support Trump are dumber than a bag of hammers.

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Kazill 09.06.2018
I can see both sides of this. What's problematic to me is that we don't hear the perspective of the student in the video.
Gujind 17.06.2018
I suspect you will find far more children who don't steal because they might get caught than you will children who don't steal because they believe it is wrong.
Zulkill 24.06.2018
Lol slim shady
Yozshudal 26.06.2018
It would prove that how?
Vudole 26.06.2018
American left is not very far left at all to most of the other democratic countries
Kazrarn 04.07.2018
Pence has been waiting for his ?et tu, Brute? moment, there will be no argument from me on that?Marcus?. Unfortunately for Pence and you, that moment will never present itself.
Salrajas 08.07.2018
If you could please simmer down and snap out of your gazing into space and stars for a moment and pay attention:
Sharg 15.07.2018
Cialis gives me a perfect thigh gap...
Meztimuro 23.07.2018
Another thing that really gets under my skin. Just because someone is old it doesn't mean they have no quality of life. There are people who think that once you get to a certain age your life isn't worth anything anymore and should just die.
Negor 27.07.2018
By your definition maybe but by millions of people around the world, not so much.
Kik 05.08.2018
The flood didn't happen. No bottlenecking.
Bajora 07.08.2018
Yet they're not being singled out as Christians. They're being targeted along with everyone else that isn't part of the radical Islamist groups.
Arashigal 07.08.2018
Religion came first, right?
Mitilar 17.08.2018
Thanks for your reply! One of the biggest downfalls in our marriage is that he can't let the past go. We've been together for 21 years but married for 13. we have had a lot of issues throughout the years but every issue is still brought up in our marriage now. I try not dwell on the past but every time a disagreement happens thats the go to. So you add affairs and deceit to the list, it just gets even more harder to grow together. As far as counseling, he didn't take it serious in my opinion because he was lying to me the whole time telling me that they don't communicate or see each other anymore. So now I have no desire to go with him any longer.
Gardarisar 19.08.2018
SOS. I will offer you less then five lines then,
Tojasho 28.08.2018
They make meat and milk and skins, and such. . .from something we can't eat, ourselves. It's not like this was a reasoned approach by these cultures, it merely helped these cultures survive.
Gogar 07.09.2018
He could have told the "truth" once
Niramar 08.09.2018
You do seem tonnage up your own interpretation for the words in the bible.
Grozshura 19.09.2018
It's just so hard for a fundie to be better than his religion.
Tojarisar 25.09.2018
Ah, I like drinking hot tea mixed with steamed lemonade.
Tull 27.09.2018
But there's no doubt that gravity and magnetism exist, now as for this god (these gods) on the other hand . . .
Arat 06.10.2018
Depends on the box...
Malajar 07.10.2018
Massachusetts is a demoRAT state, and yes former Governor Romney went along with those demoRATS to impose Romneycare. Romneycare DIDN'T affect 49 other states!
Mazuzahn 17.10.2018
I said ? in a sense? .
Dujin 27.10.2018
Sorry those to gays knew exactly what they were doing
Maulkree 31.10.2018
Yeah, you try to place a Bible on the counter next to you at McDonalds while you work.
Malazragore 05.11.2018
Alright everyone--- I'm done for the day.
Kagis 06.11.2018
You mean like Zeus???? AND HINDUISM!?!?!?
Moogulrajas 15.11.2018
Yeah, it was surreal watching it burn in PJs, no shoes, standing in dew covered grass while the sun came up.
Kagashura 25.11.2018
rather like your ridiculous statements. Go read another Harry Potter fiction novel. That is much more your speed.
Maumuro 26.11.2018
he is going to be lavished with praise, then give nkorea everything they want
Kigarg 30.11.2018
Specifically, the proto-Sun coalesced from the interstellar medium around 4.7 billion years ago, which triggered the start of planetary formation. The collapse of the proto-Sun to the point where its core began to fuse hydrogen and the accruing of the major planets probably took place in the same 100 million years or less.
Maugrel 02.12.2018
Well, republica "ants" assume falsely to be the center of the universe; that is a laughable belief, hhahahahhahahh


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