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The case wasn?t decided on anything other than the behavior of the Commission, close enough since what they wanted decide wasn?t.

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Free gay man mature
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Groshura 31.07.2018
Your being a dummy believing in ancient myths, isn't my fault in the least. I didn't chose to be an atheist. I just discovered that I was. At an early age and as a black child. I saw nothing in that religion that applied to my life. So, it was simple. I just didn't internalize what I considered a joke and a hoax. Because that freed me to think for my self, my life was enhanced considerably, by not being restricted by some crazy religious crap.
Nikor 06.08.2018
False presumption I wanted one specific answer.
Mazuzilkree 08.08.2018
That is simple...
Tur 14.08.2018
That's a really good question, Xman. I feel love for people, and I don't think that is a metric that we (so far) have yet to even have a clue how to measure. . .so I'll say yes. There are real things that are completely subjective and though they are true, they are not testable. Does that mean you think the Bible is wrong about how real unicorns are?
Kajinn 16.08.2018
Agnosticism includes such refusal, but the consistent agnostic will do as I described, i.e., refusing also to affirm the opposite proposition.
Yozshukree 18.08.2018
I'm still not convinced it's all locked up. The back lash against Wynne left a lot of voters looking around. Of course their only option is suck it up and vote NDP. I'm thoroughly enjoying this ride.
Samujinn 24.08.2018
They don't wanna work for a trump supporter, that's fine by me... but like typical leftists, I'm not surprised to hear them being intolerant to the point of harassment and beyond. Idk if it's true, but given the lefts history as of late, it's not an extraordinary claim.
Fenrilkree 28.08.2018
Your ignorance comes from within yourself if that is your attitude. Completely unnecessary. Islam has nothing to do with any of this conversation. If you want to be such a smart ass, show us some proof of real history from any part of the old testament.
Dut 29.08.2018
when a person does not substantiate a claim, it does not make them a liar. What a silly thing to say
Gagrel 01.09.2018
I don't for a minute follow that biblical god. Then again, I also don't go with the idea that we have a spirit that outlives us. My god is strictly a creation god. He created all and then left to create something else. No worshiping, no deification, no control, no nothing. Everything made to be self sustaining. Really simple, the way I like it.
Mele 06.09.2018
Best worst? or size? with about the same "gun control" rules?
Togar 11.09.2018
You believe I approached the issue incorrectly?
Nigal 16.09.2018
You think the "justice" system delivers justice? Aww. That's adorable! How are you not a Christian?
Vudojas 22.09.2018
Why do you need to lie about my faith ?... Is it because you want to monopolize all donations by lying that your book is the only truth - making GOD for SALE ?
Tygodal 24.09.2018
I don't find it disappointing on the women's side. Many women fear being harassed or even assaulted when men come into what they felt were safe areas.
Akigul 29.09.2018
Yeah. And you lot aren't Catholics. They'd be quick to tell you that you aren't real Christians.
Modal 01.10.2018
PH II. I am with that view, but I think that for some reason the religious need to feel that they are special, chosen and blessed.
Kigalkis 04.10.2018
Lol, sigh I miss those simple days ugh. Party lines on the phone.
Aragami 05.10.2018
Citation: Well, I look around at all the silly beliefs, and I see, religion is BS, its all made up, and they are all myths. Its that easy. Talking donkeys? Blood cults? Zombies? Demons? Seriously?
Nilmaran 07.10.2018
I guess the difference is: I'm thinking of the trapped 13 year old. As I said: this is an in extremis situation.
Yorr 15.10.2018
Does the purchase of ladders in Mexico affect the stock in ladder companies here in the states???
Minris 19.10.2018
Yeah but it was Noah and his grandson.
Gobei 23.10.2018
As much as I appreciate your intellectual and philosophical approach to questioning the commentators, I am perhaps too much of a reductionist to answer in a way you'd accept.
Tom 31.10.2018
Yeah. His label fits him because of his clear anti-gay homophobia.
Goltile 02.11.2018
Freedom to discriminate is not one of the freedoms granted to us, Mark.
Malrajas 09.11.2018
God's gonna be pissed at you. Better watch it.
Faer 12.11.2018
At some point you would think you have to yield to the facts. But I see you are without the power to control yourself. I'll pray for you my friend.
Shaktigor 15.11.2018
He regularly offers the service. He never checked the design. They never got that far. He refused them a service because they were gay.
Nikorr 25.11.2018
None of what you said is true. Jesus Christ never even existed.
Daizshura 27.11.2018
This may sound crazy, but, having the right to believe in whatever you like provided those beliefs don?t infringe on the rights of others, seems pretty reasonable.


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