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Considering he murders millions of people in the Bible, I beg to differ.

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Right now I'm a "blusher"... :)
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From the convincing idea of a separate Self, we build our house of cards.
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"Actually it is perfectly accurate for the definition I intended."
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not having experienced both possibilities I based my opinion on what my Armenian friend said. Not a large pool for comparison admittedly.
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Heresy is a defining characteristic of the truly faithful.
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As being the word of God?
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A lot of people confuse and conflate God and Religion. (as i think you may have done...)
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Liberals are already using Nazi tactics. Sabo just drew attention to it.
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The baker opened a public business to serve the public. Insodoing, he agreed to follow all relevant business laws in his city, county, and state.
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Well, these Japanese-American Citizens owned substantial assets that had to be sold quickly and cheaply... and a lot of white men made a boatload of money out of the deal. Which is why it was allowed.


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