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Do sex addicts have feelings

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Doesn?treally matter for this discussion. It?s about how YOU answer the question, does truth exist even if no one believes it.

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Do sex addicts have feelings
Do sex addicts have feelings
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Mejinn 02.07.2018
And Trump supporters don?t believe racism is an issue. BOOM! Goes the dynamite! There it is!
Nelabar 09.07.2018
Is that like an illness disease?
Shaktishura 11.07.2018
Look, don?t blame me for your lack of comprehending this subject. If you can?t keep up, maybe you shouldn?t be engaging this topic at your current level of understanding. Maybe you enjoy twisting in the wind, or aimlessly adrift in the sea of intellectual discussions. Instead of being cynical, why not try and learn something about what you know next to nothing about? Just a thought.
Gugore 12.07.2018
The two guys below are heroes. They stopped (with their own guns) the church shooter that killed innocent people from getting away.
Faura 16.07.2018
I just did.
Niran 21.07.2018
Perhaps you are missing the entire point. I'm not interested.
Turan 24.07.2018
I just saw a documentary that his so called naval rescue would have been a court Marshall without his dad?s influence
Goltimuro 26.07.2018
I've seen 5 out of the 7 continents. Been all over Europe and the middle east.
Kajilabar 29.07.2018
The author is saying that God created Earth like a man builds a house.
Akizahn 03.08.2018
And yet your reasons conveniently live you to lead a life that would thrill the meanest Presbyterian. You have no objection to the life that Christianity leads you to... you just want to sit on your moral perch and scold Christians for not being as praiseworthy as you!
Faegami 05.08.2018
>>"Same rights such as?"<<
Dimi 09.08.2018
No, I don't. I understand symbolism--but that isn't the issue here.
Gokasa 16.08.2018
Incorrect. The constitution simply prohibits slavery, and requires equal treatment UNDER THE LAW. It does not say you must socially treate them equally.
Sajas 17.08.2018
Great thoughts, Moldred! We forget that discrimination shows its self in ways other than racism. Thank you for commenting! ???????
Goltijind 27.08.2018
Yes, lets crash the economy.
Taugrel 29.08.2018
I was answering the questions, not responding to the scale. They are not compatible.
Mura 06.09.2018
STARLORD.... Thor was the MVP.
Taulmaran 07.09.2018
Good you can have her.
Malazshura 17.09.2018
What Women Want. I'm watching it now and I have no idea why I liked it when it came out.
Zurg 19.09.2018
whew that guy smelled
Tuzahn 24.09.2018
Why does Iran want the bomb? It's quite a thing to be proposing courses of action, especially war, without addressing the reason they want the bomb in the first place.
Arashijar 25.09.2018
I don't care about Evolution.
Zurisar 26.09.2018
I don't think people tear out the good parts before they go with Bible-in-hand to preach hate. They have the whole thing there.
Mazutaur 06.10.2018
Considering your plagiarizing, you probably made those quotes up.


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