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Very unprofessional of the photographer not to have some standard form contract for her customer to read and sign and not very smart of the consumer not to ask about all prices, fees, etc. That is what contracts are for, to protect both sides

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Yozshugrel 26.08.2018
I get that... Especially when the stress is at its peak.
Nikozahn 29.08.2018
It will be nice to not hear everyone crying into their beer any more. Not until
Shaktikasa 31.08.2018
You can ignore me all you like, but when you make OPs centered around a lie that you created to denigrate atheists, when you continually accuse atheists of believing/thinking certain things that generally we don't, when you pull some bullshit out of your four-pointed contact to try and justify your hatred of atheists, I'll still be there, calling you on your lies.
Milar 07.09.2018
Are you asking for my opinion?
Moogugami 09.09.2018
As we can see from the Gospels Jesus was organising the anti-Roman resistance, and was executed by the Romans for that. His disciples were quite violent people and carried weapon. Judah was apparently a sicarii.
Mijas 15.09.2018
Those who profess that Jesus is their Saviour are Christians.
Vumuro 16.09.2018
Babies should take precedence, not that adolescents are less important but they can communicate - babies and toddlers can't. The Trump administration is intentionally KIDNAPPING these children away from their parents.
Gardatilar 18.09.2018
Atheists consistently score higher on IQ tests as a group than the religious. ;)
Gakazahn 25.09.2018
I mean, hell the error ranges if any are tiny compared to the absolute monstrosity of errors that would have to be there for AiG or CARM to be correct.
Dolmaran 28.09.2018
You've made an absolutely illogical argument completely devoid of any substance. You say "No, it really doesn't" Care to explain why this "separate part of human existence" need not be a part of a logical worldview? Chopping things off because your worldview cannot explain them doesn't make your response very credible.
Tazuru 09.10.2018
You voting tomorrow?
Zutilar 11.10.2018
1....2.....3 NOT IT
Moogur 16.10.2018
Just because it is prescribed doesn't make it ethical. You just said a child has no way of deciding certain things yet you would be OK with medication that stops their growth? Really?Think about it again.
Ter 24.10.2018
Escaped from 2 prisons so far : doing fine.
Tygokazahn 02.11.2018
If I want to speak about galatians in my church I can and I will. Your permission not required.
Sanris 07.11.2018
1 and 2 - I have no clue
Vudokasa 11.11.2018
hes watching l3-6ron get the business in real time :)
Brar 15.11.2018
The comment was about religion and liberty without any reference to any country. I know you might have a hard time believing this, being completely American-centric, but you know that liberty doesn't stop at the US border, right?
Zulukazahn 20.11.2018
I have body shamed folks and have been body shamed. I know that it's a struggle for some people to get healthy because of genetics and no access to get the help they need to be healthy. We do not know the story on why a person is over or underweight. Many factors contribute to this issue. It's sad that most folks don't come to this realization.
Mimuro 27.11.2018
Husky if wars tell us man has been responsible for the deaths of millions.
Zulukinos 07.12.2018
Prove what? I'm agreeing with you rudi. If you say something, only a bigoted moron would ask for facts to support it. See?
Daigis 17.12.2018
Are you talking about a literal next-door neighbor with a different system, or are you talking about the Christian "Kingdom of Heaven"? I was kind of assuming that the moral system covered all living, sentient beings.
Kagaran 21.12.2018
This is de facto cult material. Everything shouts from the rooftop RUN AWAY RUN AWAY.


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