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It isn't forcing him to violate their religious anything.

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Babe of the day naked
Babe of the day naked
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Moogurr 26.08.2018
Why can't you admit Trump is doing more for blacks than 0bama ever did? Have you seen the latest unemployment numbers?
Fenrilrajas 04.09.2018
Your last line there is not a "side note", it's the key to understanding him. So take what time you need to figure out a reading that has him making sense. And in the meantime, refrain from making judgments about what you have not yet figured out.
Gor 05.09.2018
And whoever is doing either of those things should be fully prosecuted. Thankfully criminality is not based on motive.
Zudal 05.09.2018
Love at 400 degrees?
Akigar 16.09.2018
Can't wait to see this part..still watching it on my DVR. Avoiding all other parts of the internet but this place and doing some online shopping at Nordstrom in-between.
Kigagrel 23.09.2018
Not in the context TXGunner was advocating. He narrowed it down to Home or Place of Worship. The 1st amendment applies outside of his stated boundaries.
Tojakree 29.09.2018
This is a teaching moment. Conventional wisdom tells us that off-cycle elections always give victories to the party out of power. Democrats know this and Trump-eted the upcoming BlueWave to try to energize their despondent voters while telling them that they and the rest of the world hate Trump and oppose his policies.
Kazrajora 02.10.2018
Being an atheist shooter doesn't mean they are representing atheism. There is nothing to represent.
JoJonos 12.10.2018
I think having to reload after 10 shots or so is a reasonable half way point.
Mikasho 13.10.2018
LOL, still peppering in debate words I see.
Mazukus 19.10.2018
But your Jesus hole, it needs to be filled by death-cultism!!!!! Accept god's metaphysical hole filling protrusion.
Duzahn 25.10.2018
My husband and I were on another side of town when the sh!t went down.
Kajilmaran 02.11.2018
You are profoundly ignorant about science. We see this with every post you make.
Nikotaur 08.11.2018
this is going to be fun
Jukus 17.11.2018
My mother is like that as well, soon after her divorce, I moved in with my wife and my mother dragged my brothers to join a religious cult.
Dataur 22.11.2018
There you go!
JoJokinos 23.11.2018
My parents have a place in Grand Bend, that I will inherit, but they are healthy so that is out of the question. I can't wait to get out of the city. I may pull the trigger sooner rather that later.
Baramar 25.11.2018
My antidepressant turned my urine blue!
Sasho 03.12.2018
This is what you can find in John 1. If God blessed you with understanding.
Maubei 13.12.2018
Do you do your own stunts?
Mezragore 20.12.2018
I try to keep it on the downlow... some people talk differently towards you and i dont think its relevant to most conversations.
Tygogis 30.12.2018
Would you believe I have actually never had a martini?
Malamuro 07.01.2019
That's what he does? How and when did he teach, say this? Let's see it.
Gajin 16.01.2019
I can not to this day figure out why... I have been shot, kicked, stabbed, bitten, hit by cars, beaten, raped, fallen off ladders, pushed down stairs, drug addicted and now after all that poke me with a #22 Hypodermic needle and I get light headed. Why?
Bagami 25.01.2019
Doesn't this person have a spell-checker?
Dacage 02.02.2019
I have spelled it out very clearly Perhaps you have not actually read my posts.
Jukazahn 04.02.2019
Good Morning CA, Pouring rain here this Morning. Have an awesome Day
Dabar 06.02.2019
Expect them to fight this tooth and nail.


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