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Trump will be nominated as a saint by Fox News.

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Ass in eminems face
Ass in eminems face
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Mojind 01.03.2018
Roman Catholicism is not mainstream Christianity, though.
Nigar 06.03.2018
*Facepalm*... you can't actually be this bad with English! You've got to be messing with me... :D
Kigall 13.03.2018
Why should I bother? You are just sending deflections that do not support your claims(as usual). They only show that you have no understanding of the claims you make.
Vum 21.03.2018
And she's filed in court. If she requires private business records, and he doesn't produce... he's in contempt of court.
Zolozahn 30.03.2018
There are atheist religions which think the question of "Is there a God" isn't important. Buddhism is the most widespread.
Faejas 06.04.2018
Always amused when people who cite Jefferson and the constitution start arguing about separation of church and state.
Teshicage 11.04.2018
He used to like Hillary...or at least tolerate her. Love is a bit strong.
Zululkis 18.04.2018
And how many kids would opt for this?
Akirg 19.04.2018
Back in two hours. Best day ever.
Faelar 25.04.2018
You do understand that a "yuge" percentage of conservatives are Trump haters right?
Shazragore 27.04.2018
There is some truth to the article. Local businesses literally call and try to recruit my kids to work low wage jobs.
Milrajas 05.05.2018
If you think you can keep illegals from entering the US, you are ignorant, uninformed, or stupid, or a combination.
Daim 12.05.2018
Ah very good...exactly as I predicted.
Kajikora 16.05.2018
Bible his historical document about how horrible society was at time when "god" from book was invented. Glad I did not live then.
Yozshunris 19.05.2018
Thank you for "dumbing down" the concept of enlightenment.
Samutaxe 26.05.2018
I don't know how much you keep up with current affairs, but here's something from WSJ:
Mikalkis 28.05.2018
Hyperbolic. Did you see what happened at Cal. Did you see what occurred at Evergreen college. I can probably find 20 more examples of liberal, er fascist intolerance on college campuses.
Kiktilar 31.05.2018
There is always Proof. The problem is in your investigation.
Fenrihn 04.06.2018
Tis a mystery in part because Christ is God: Saviour, AND Creator of all. So why did he create innocent man who he KNEW would choose to turn away? to show us what he's like- who he is; he's the Author of life. Isaiah sheds a little light in 64:4-
Yozshule 12.06.2018
The full truth is in the Bible, the churches could preach it,
Dujar 18.06.2018
Nonexistence is absence of consciousness, not absence of computers. I simply don't believe in absence of consciousness because it is impossible to imagine or to experience. Nor can it be known as it would require a knower who doesn't exist. Nonexistence is a belief. I am not a believer in it.
Mazushura 25.06.2018
Based solely on the bible, there were no other females. But let us proceed with the understanding that they were not suitable. What was it about them that made them unsuitable?
Malakazahn 27.06.2018
I want you to want me ????
Gocage 07.07.2018
Then what is wind? The light that strikes your retina when you "see" a unicorn is not actually a unicorn.
Tejind 18.07.2018
Don?t forget the early Church had the Apostles who were disciples of Jesus and continued to teach about Jesus Christ right up until their deaths. Disciples authored the Gospels and wrote letters to the churches, quoting the O.T. (Torah) about prophetic scripture as proof that Jesus fulfilled God?s promises and prophecies about the Messiah. Many of the early churches copied those Apostles letters, the very same ones that are part of the new testament today. So, the early church did have scripture about Jesus written by His own disciples, including His teachings. Also, and most importantly, believers were receiving the promised Holy Spirit (Acts 1:8, 2:33, 2:38, John 7:37-39, Gal. 4:6) who continues to work in believer?s hearts and minds today.
Meztigul 24.07.2018
Wiser, more capable, older, yes. All these things and more.
Kijora 25.07.2018
A very respectful reply !!
Dalkis 03.08.2018
Excellent idea :)
Arashilar 05.08.2018
I waa called stupid and a lying lib for pointing out our far right would at best be modrate conservatives most other places lol
Akishicage 06.08.2018
If you'd said "credulity" that might have been mildly funny. I suppose it still is, but not for reasons that are particularly flattering to you.
Telkis 12.08.2018
(Mao and Pol Pot too).


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