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Alina merkau 2015 04 27

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When God is referred to as the First and the Last, it means He has no beginning and no end.

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Alina merkau 2015 04 27
Alina merkau 2015 04 27
Alina merkau 2015 04 27
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Meztizragore 27.02.2018
What makes people so sure god is only in the bible.
Merr 05.03.2018
You are wrong. You are projecting what you imagine onto what we see. The Quantum Electron Dynamics model makes superb predictions accepting that, at the quantum scale, nothing is caused. Virtual particles, which are necessarily uncaused, instantiate continuously, forming the quantum flux. I have also previously referenced von Neumann's universal constructors, which can arise through noise. Why do you imagine that your model should be preferred?
Samumuro 08.03.2018
"Jesus became "accursed" in our place."
Zolonris 15.03.2018
i like to hear moar of yer semen stories
Vudokazahn 20.03.2018
Abortionist!!!! I put exclamation marks on purpose.
Gajin 27.03.2018
"Some do, some don't"???? How can that be, to be an Atheist one, simply, denies that there is a God - that is why it's called Atheism, re: Denial of God.
Shanris 29.03.2018
So you are saying YESHUA was tempted but he did not give in to temptation ? I can and do agree with that........ But if he was born without sin ( Adam and Eve ) who made man full of Sin . YESHUA would not have been tempted. It is this Theology that contradictory. ?? ??
Dagami 02.04.2018
Small note - she is unemployed and for me vacation is just not having to do my job, because we have pets we never really go anywhere, vacations for me is just being able to slack for a while - and in this particular cases finish working on some of the house renovations.
Sagore 07.04.2018
when has the FCC limited your ability to say what you can say when?
Shakami 07.04.2018
You dont read very well, do you. So sad.
Faulabar 16.04.2018
No, but is the lying fraud Trump trying to pass himself off as a human?
Muran 23.04.2018
I gave you several links. I think it's time you retire this attitude.
Kagataxe 29.04.2018
Diana's allowed to be proud of her ignorance.
Voodoodal 03.05.2018
I agree, "intent to materially harm people" would be a strong indicator.
Gakus 11.05.2018
Nice "turn the table" PeeWee Herman distraction response. No. Takes one to know one.
Tazil 13.05.2018
According to the DSM religionists fit the criteria for delusion, so whataya gonna do? Personally, I think the DSM is right.
Mezimuro 16.05.2018
And 'so what' if Jesus was just a mortal man like those Christs before him? What difference does it make? The teachings are what you live by.
Faulkree 22.05.2018
Ya rot there
Dull 28.05.2018
The analogy that has nothing to do with the case? He wouldn't have been there. He wouldn't have gone, or attended in any way. Just like Indra Nooyi wouldn't have participated in the wedding had Pepsi products been used at the reception.
Tojara 05.06.2018
There isn't a logical god.
Kekus 12.06.2018
"You only have to look at the reproductive organs to see what each sex is intended for."
Douhn 14.06.2018
Then it would have been finding New York to as long as her mom liked you and approved lol
Gugal 16.06.2018
Why wouldn't you believe that God made the first two to start populating the Earth, but some of those offspring were gay by design to be a natural guard against overpopulation and limited resources? Why is it impossible that God created the hetero couples to have children and the gay couples to give homes to children that could not be cared for due to unforeseen circumstances? Either God is unlimited and made everything, as claimed in the Bible (and if these beings displeased him so he could have made sure that NONE existed) or the Bible is lying.
Kazidal 22.06.2018
It shouldn?t be necessary. How can I practice one religion if the state is forcing another religion down my throat?


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