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Slave Training Ella Nova

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Slave Training Ella Nova

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Hahaha! Once they get to know you...yes you are! ;-)

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That sums up the conversation.
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Why did he win then?
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They spoke out unfairly against Trump. That?s fine but expect a self-respecting person to respond. The left spoiled by getting away with bullying Republicans with no response. We are sick of it which is why Trump is your President.
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I'd prefer not to have someone who hates me make a food product for me. Just sayin'
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OK, fine, what is the reason you are focusing on the picture and not the problem?
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I stated that I find your theory infantile and lazy.
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I think the difference between Kelly and an artist like James Brown who was accused of violence against women in the past is that Kelly is here and actively hurting women as we speak. He is emboldened by the music industry's continued support and complacency.
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Was that the problem?
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First of all, ignorance of any evidence isn't proof
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Yes, there is. Quite obviously.


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