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In a way it is proof of the supernatural. Since the Supernatural is also merely what we don't comprehend. Not too many centuries ago earthquakes were supernatural. Everything has a law and order about it that certainly didn't happen accidentally. If we develop our understanding, search for, and discover those laws, then the Supernatural becomes natural. It's as simple as that.

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Meztikasa 11.08.2018
uhh... i would say that isn't required...
Tokinos 22.08.2018
Red flags for me are a lack of basic financial smarts and self control. I did once break things off with a guy I was considering getting serious with because of his inability to spot a bad deal. He didn't have much money (which was fine), but we'd gone into a store that was having a close out sale together to see if I could find a new pair of hiking boots. He started running around, loading up a cart and even calling his father to ask for money to help cover it stating "You'll never BELIEVE the deals they're offering!" I tried to not get involved, but based on the rip offs I was seeing in the shoe isle I took a peek at his cart. Not only were many of these things barely discounted, most were actually more expensive than what could be found online (not just Amazon, other department stores and brand websites I quickly checked). I tried gently pointing this out on a couple of the higher ticket items and he would have none of it. He was getting this stuff for a song, practically robbing these people. I couldn't wait to hear about his Nigerian uncle.
Mauzilkree 27.08.2018
You can point out such people with any ideology or belief system. It does not mean the belief system is invalid, of course.
Vubar 03.09.2018
As a Cavs fan, I have to completely disagree with LeBron. The WNBA is horrible, and unwatchable. It's pretty much irrelevant.
Daikasa 04.09.2018
I have this recurring dream where I participate in an online forum where a significant population of the participants claim things like demonic possession, divine intervention, miracles, and the like. Every time I ask them for evidence or solid logical arguments that back up their claims, nothing tangible is presented.
Dobei 12.09.2018
Well..... as long as you take them with you.... :)
Dor 14.09.2018
You don't know how the rules of congress work, do you? It is not enough to have a simple majority to force things through one must have a super majority, which we do not yet have. November comes and your "blue wave..."
Kazicage 19.09.2018
You don't think my god _____________ exists because you're angry with Him
Meztikinos 23.09.2018
Don't worry, I give as good as I get :D
Nele 23.09.2018
Again what is the problem with creationist not being able to read? The ToE is change over time with modification in a population, period. You have an issue with common descent as the conclusion drawn from the evidence discovered. Fine. If you disagree there is a method to change that conclusion, it is open to anyone. If you or anyone can change the consensus on that you or they will win a Nobel prize and be famous. God did it is not a scientific conclusion on anything.


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