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God proves Himself in His creation. There are no other proves neccessary. Those who still demand prove are blinded by the spirit of darkness that covers the earth. If you have a bible, than please read Romans chapter 1 the verses 18 etc. otherwise seek a bible online. And read Ephesians chapter 2 the verses 1-10.

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Thai dating sites add
Thai dating sites add
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Arashidal 01.09.2018
But that wouldn't make sense since there is no physical 'God'. Where would he/she get off being objective?
Samutaxe 04.09.2018
I actually learn great science reading the pro-evolution side.
Samuran 15.09.2018
A straight answer:
Kajilkis 24.09.2018
I wonder if you can explain why the "City" of Nazareth cannot be found on any 1st century map and is not referred to in any of the Hebrew scriptures or letters, or inscriptions or in any other place or on any other thing?
Akinozragore 30.09.2018
If there?s no god then no. We may go about our business. If there is, we are given a choice.
Gajinn 07.10.2018
The earliest version says "abuse themselves with mankind (i.e. homosexuality)" The original word is ???????????? (sodomite, homosexual and it applies to both male and female sodomites). The version you have isn' the earliest nor is it an earlier version it's NIV. The earliest is KJV. And again you're trying to play with words in your last statement, I said and I say again the Bible doesn't call mixed fibers a sin or an abomination, just says don't do it. You're trying to justify your self with all your practiced arguments but it won't work. You stand before God as a LOST person.
Yokazahn 11.10.2018
"leave your Lada where it rests - parked - and it will turn into a Rolls Royce in a couple of million years."
Faegore 14.10.2018
If you havent already tried, the suicide hotline can be helpful at times, but it's a lot of young kids that don't have much of a clue, and the wait times can be atrocious :(
Gromuro 20.10.2018
"I know I made the claim but a lot more people made this claim long before me. There are literally thousands of books on the topic of energy. Do your own research."
Goltijind 29.10.2018
I'm not sure you have one. I think you are right. You are a soul less individual lol.
Tera 06.11.2018
There is no coherent definition of "a supernatural event."
Junris 15.11.2018
My mother is like that as well, soon after her divorce, I moved in with my wife and my mother dragged my brothers to join a religious cult.
Megar 23.11.2018
Deleted. Such generalizations are not acceptable here, Denki.
Dashakar 03.12.2018
Exactly. Atheists largely, are people who LOVE to hear themselves declare their atheism for the purpose of getting tempers (mostly of Christians) all flared up. They like to tell themselves they're doing all that 'barking' because they want to correct, help, instruct, etc. When we have deep-seated, unresolved resentments the laws of human psychology compel such behavior.
Akinorg 04.12.2018
She went high, Wilkinson went low
Kigale 11.12.2018
To shoot people without them doing me harm? No.
Kazralrajas 17.12.2018
It's 1:21 here. I'm to bed. Been fun.
Taubar 24.12.2018
Geographical evidence says it didn't. The science of the earth.
Nikasa 25.12.2018
Another stupid comment by the " unwelcome oracle"!
Grocage 02.01.2019
Perfectly acceptable answer. At least it's not some weird nickname.
Gardatilar 11.01.2019
Something that you missed out on.
Voodoojora 13.01.2019
Okay, I'm done. Have a lovely day.
Jubar 21.01.2019
Are you having a seizure?
Arar 23.01.2019
In what way is she confused? That?s what you wrote.


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