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I didn't say you did, it wasn't a critique of your post.

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Toramar 07.03.2018
So we should not jump to conclusions about Iran, who also has the right to research nuclear energy...right?
Faezilkree 13.03.2018
You are free to run your business however you see fit.
JoJolkree 15.03.2018
WEre not going to do the "I know you are but what I am" game today.
Kagajinn 18.03.2018
Of course not. Atheism is not a philosophy.
Tygosar 22.03.2018
I actually agree with you that your personal experience is real by definition. You did, after all, experience it. But that's not actually the question raised by the OP. That question, whether "God" exists or not, addresses the truth of the content of your experience.
Kajim 27.03.2018
Where did they find you, lefty moron? In a museum?
Dairamar 02.04.2018
Wow what a baseless argument.
Bakazahn 09.04.2018
Its not a problem for me. Im only stating the facts based on what im seeing. Perhaps there are atheist or secular soup kitchens out there. Sadly, Ive never EVER seen one.
Tautilar 18.04.2018
Science says nothing whatsoever though, about forcing women to gestate and give birth. Doesn't matter that it's human, it has no right to be gestated and delivered without consent of the woman carrying it
Mum 22.04.2018
I know so many versions of this couple. Mr Smith seems nice but likes that his wife will do his dirty work for him while he gets to be seen as the "nice one."
Vudohn 01.05.2018
Lol... That is my little ponies... Welcome to the corruption of your mind.
Fejar 07.05.2018
No way. Country clubs and other private businesses have been doing it for years.
Fenricage 14.05.2018
I do like Mike Pence, he is a straight shooter.
Dourg 20.05.2018
But the deity explanation doesn't make sense. Logically or scientifically.
Fenris 22.05.2018
Again, a YouTube video has no basis in actual science. Over and over we see ignorant deniers post non-science crap and claim it supports their position. It doesn't.
JoJohn 27.05.2018
Catholic and Christian are NOT synonymous.
Meztit 02.06.2018
Overturning laws is part of a just system that progresses with knowledge.
Zololmaran 08.06.2018
Wynne's got a 43 vote lead with one poll remaining.
Shaktilabar 15.06.2018
The clown?s a Palestinian, and they?re as real as the characters on the Cartoon Network. Look the hell out!
Arazahn 21.06.2018
That is also incorrect, The Big Bang, The cosmological constant, Fine Tuning of the Universe, Biological information, Human conscientiousness, History, and Archeology. They are all serious science or scientific fields and they all deal with evidence for a God. You choose to see the evidence as you will and like I said I respect that.
Goltikazahn 26.06.2018
It's interesting how atheist like to use "God of the gaps" as a way to beat down any evidence for a creator yet they are perfectly fine with "Darwin of the gaps" when it comes to piecing together the story of macro evolution.
Mikall 01.07.2018
But it's so much fun watching the fear on your face as I squeeze between two 18 wheelers going 80??
Meztikus 06.07.2018
And again, the first and greatest commandment given by the Lord Jesus was, and will always be,
Yojas 13.07.2018
Speaking for meself...government has no business meddling with what commodities we purchase. I can argue in favor of Social Security benefits, Medicare and Medicaid for people who are ill, children and the elderly.
Gozahn 15.07.2018
Yes, a trade war and thousands of lies ... punching our allies in the face in favor of a tin pot dicator in North Korea who tortures his own people.


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