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Sex offenders in hiawassee
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We're still waiting on Part 2 of The Lenna Story over there, by the way. You left us hanging... :)
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God is great. He's provided plenty of food to feed those children. People suck. They selfishly hoard to themselves more than they need, leaving others to starve.
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"Ever seem a President work so hard w/arrows
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and with the perfect gif for your post! :-)
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Trump's approval rating among 'conservatives' is over 80%.
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Then blaming women for not being the ones to stand up for other women. As long as we're blaming women for what men are doing I guess it's all good,right.
Yohn 29.09.2018
And I am still steaming that LIverpool lost due to two egregious goalkeeper errors. Will Karius ever get his self confidence back?
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Can you comprehend the quoted Jewish text? The King of Israel will be son of God.
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1. 1, 2. 2, 3. 2
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Where does it say that? At least with cherry-picking we are picking from holy scripture... you're just picking from your anus.
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