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This is one of the reasons I oppose religion. It makes the claim that cutting baby genitals is life-saving and would risk a child's life because a book said a man and a god made a deal to do it for all future generations.

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Sex offender registry rochester ny
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Karg 02.08.2018
Are you seeing if the Diet Coke hits the taps?
Gardakree 04.08.2018
Answer my questions coward.
Baktilar 11.08.2018
It is forbidden in Leviticus.
Gugul 17.08.2018
I would break my ankles in those things. They're gorgeous, but that is just an accident waiting to happen for me.
Tygosar 25.08.2018
Are you still sailing that boat??
Faull 26.08.2018
Care to vouch for the authenticity of Ephesians, Colossians, 2 Thessalonians, 1 and 2 Timothy and Titus?
Gardagal 31.08.2018
Because, as a ?racist stooge? he is entitled to the same rights you and i have.
Meziramar 10.09.2018
I'm not interested in your argument why should I be? I have self-knowledge and enjoy the fruits of that knowledge. I'm completely satisfied.
Gardazil 14.09.2018
Perhaps we can all agree the Bible is often a pretty wacky anthology of writings especially the O.T. As for pretending to be perplexed by it...seriously, grow up.
Barr 17.09.2018
When it comes in contradiction with the preamble. Sure. Why not? Do you think these rights never come into conflict with one another?


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