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and that spicy Chinese mustard that clears out your sinuses. SO GOOD.

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Photo whores in stockings
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Dougore 27.05.2018
Fair enough, would you be interested in material that goes more in-depth in the multiple fields of evidence?
Marg 30.05.2018
Lol not for the first time I hope. I?m waiting on Will and him to do the third installment.
Faehn 01.06.2018
Why would you leave a window open without a screen? Lol!
Tojajar 07.06.2018
Well then, you just absolutely proved me right about that I have been saying to you. THIS is where t started.
Dorn 14.06.2018
Then there is that which is other than God if God is not Infinite, yet we have our being in Mind so we are not other than God.
Kagakora 22.06.2018
The point is, remove the guns completely and people would still kill people over various perceived offenses using knives, clubs, hammers, candle sticks, ropes, cars, poisons, fists, explosives crafted from regular household products, etc...
Maukasa 26.06.2018
Yeah, the difference is? Tracie and I would stop a rapist, while your gawd just sits there and waits and watches, and ignores the cries, pleas and prayers of the child being raped.
Kenos 05.07.2018
I have a recipe for vegan cheese if you want it? :)
Kazijar 12.07.2018
When I was in my 50's and after my second wife ran off with another man, I dated for a while. One of the women I dated belonged to a Protestant prosperity church. I'll call her Paula since I don't want to use Dawn's real name. Anyway, her first husband was physically and mentally abusive and when she was a little girl, she had been sexually abused by her grandfather. I didn't do drugs or abuse alcohol, I cleaned her house, I cooked, I even did her laundry. I was never cruel or abusive. I even went with her sometimes to her church. One Sunday after church at her parents house, I was asked what I believe. I told them that I was atheist. Paula called me the next day and told me that she would not see me any more because her family did not think that I was good enough for her.
Bagor 19.07.2018
No more nonsense than any of the religious myths. Ever dig deep into Mormons or JW's? Although I will admit, this is pretty far out there.
Kazragul 27.07.2018
And the people who have been fitted with them have a better than 95% return rate. People who are tracked show up.
Tonris 06.08.2018
Lol, slap them before they can even ask, it saves time. :)
Faejar 14.08.2018
No, we do not have an inkling of the definition of infinite.
Tam 16.08.2018
Do for Texas what Texas would do for others.....
Mucage 26.08.2018
She still has 4 years of access to the public trough, she ain't going anywhere.
Nikomuro 01.09.2018
Those references have nothing to do with Genesis. Your OP asks whether PE fits the Genesis account. This destroys any credibility in the subject that you might have. Genesis is a myth, it has no relationship to reality. In a word, it is nonsense.
Goktilar 04.09.2018
He is racist, he has a long and well documented history of it
Sakree 06.09.2018
i have no objection to the free market setting the price!
Kihn 10.09.2018
That's a topic for a different OP! lol
Malrajas 19.09.2018
Well, that didn?t take long....
Dijar 29.09.2018
interesting side note:
Fesida 04.10.2018
You can show me as I will show you and then we can compare.
Nak 12.10.2018
O Ok. A butthole ganache then.
Galrajas 14.10.2018
False. God has provided us with His Word, which tells us what we need to know. Perhaps YOUR brain is too slow. Get help.
Fenrijora 24.10.2018
wow...growing up holy family used to have mass Saturday nights...
Tygogul 30.10.2018
Jesus does not call for His followers to commit atrocities.
Nelar 02.11.2018
I like that.
Tygojas 05.11.2018
What has Marxism to do with atheism other than the fact that they wanted to replace god with the state? State control, collective farming, the proletariat, no private ownership.......
Tetilar 11.11.2018
"Anti-Semitism" meaning being anti Jewish was a linguistic invention of Goebbels.
Grogami 12.11.2018
Not only Geologists.
Bagal 14.11.2018
What if some of these gay couples decide ok, I will just send a female friend with the spouse and pretend they are the ones getting married, or does he ask for a copy of the marriage licence before he bakes the cake.
Dougis 21.11.2018
You said i was a hypocrite, and called me blind. I asked you to give me the logic behind that and you said some guy gave some other guy death threats?
Daigor 24.11.2018
Dude, we've been pointing out speciation has,an apparent limit according to science for years. We also point out genesis practically writes current observable science as it is. Multiply...according to families. Its what the article confirms
Zolozshura 30.11.2018
The legal definition is not the only accepted one, and I was using the common non-legal definition. To avoid the confusion by those who can only see 'assault' under the legal definition, I will use a different word.


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