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So you always us an arbitrary starting point that has zero to do with the President or their policies.

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Dazshura 11.05.2018
All you need to know in this story is this one line.
Akinorg 16.05.2018
Admiring da Vinci,I used to wonder if instead of a rarely occurring outlier,what the results would have been if the prevalence of da Vincis had been increased by a factor of 10,20 or whatever within a given previous span of time.Would the results have culminated in the world as an armed nuclear camp awaiting its Armageddon/Strangelove moment in the 17th century?
Mogami 24.05.2018
Everything is on the same spectrum. If were going to ask the question were going to have to ask ALL of the questions.
Zolotaxe 28.05.2018
As a former believer who has had a lot of uncomfortable time analyzing my own motives I believe our religious impulses are part of what makes us human. I am an RN and I frequently have dying patients who are assured that they will awake in Heaven. I don't feel the need to disabuse anyone of that. Where I will resist it is when other people tell me that I have to curb my behavior because it offends them or their god. If your religion empowers you to get through your day then good luck. If it enables you to interfere with mine then we have a fight on our hands.
Kagul 31.05.2018
LOL... Cisco, you were meeting people from the AOL chats? Smh.
Vujar 02.06.2018
Mine always tries to up sell me.
Zulkitaur 08.06.2018
No one really gives a damn. Plus I thought pride only got a day April 1st.
Ketaur 18.06.2018
perhaps it is the second coming for an individual , but I cannot see that it pertains to the last days when Christ will return and rapture His church and all those who believe .
Kahn 25.06.2018
Joe, in my humble opinion you make a good argument. There are all kinds of people who say they believe in Jesus Christ. In fact, probably most would say they believe in Jesus Christ. But the real question is what do you mean by believe? ONE WHO HAS TRULY BELIEVED IN JESUS CHRIST AS PERSONAL SAVIOR, WILL BE ONE WHO HAS A PASSION TO KNOW GOD'S TRUTH AND TO OBEY GOD?S TRUTH. I study the scriptures to know God, and I've learned it is God who changes someone's heart, mind, and life. I do not ask you to take my word, I ask that you take God's Word, for when a person truly believes, he?s been brought the knowledge of what Christ has done. I study God?s word to grow in the faith and grow in the knowledge of the great thing that has happened. I?ve been saved by the hand of God and I have life from one who has loved me eternally and immutably, so I rest on the immutable, unchangeable love of God for his people. What a great thing it is to be the object of divine love.
Gulrajas 27.06.2018
Seriously. Have you gone to the echo chamber thread I made? lol STAHP COMMENTING AT ME!!
Vikree 06.07.2018
Exactly. They are newspapers. It's great getting your news from other places than the vacuum of the internet.
Tygoshakar 12.07.2018
why not? This sht is happening everywhere in America. I dont give a f if Sarah's feelings are hurt for being kicked out of a restaurant. That's nice compared to how her supporters treat people.
Tazahn 17.07.2018
I said put your name on the poster you send not like this ??
Kit 27.07.2018
Of course it is. R Kelley and his fetishes are offensive but far from the most damaging or misogynistic behavior engaged in by "artists" over recent decades, and going back to the 50s.
Mazugrel 05.08.2018
?Science has shown us how many gods can't exist. It wasn't even trying to. Just happened.?
Barn 09.08.2018
Then he is not all powerful, if he can't control what needs to exist.
Zulkijas 18.08.2018
Actually, archaeology is the very thing that cast doubt on the existence of Moses and the story of Exodus being real. The current understanding so far as I have read is that Exodus is based upon an earlier Egyptian exodus story. Read "The bible unearthed", written two Israeli archaeologists who determined based upon the evidence, that Moses is likely a character conglomeration of several different stories mashed together, which is why it is so disjointed. For example the story of him being placed in a basket on a river, was copied from an earlier story of King Sargon of Akkad. Anyways, not that any of this will matter to you, just wanted to point out that there is evidence to the contrary.
Arashilkis 23.08.2018
That is ridiculous. As I said, comparing any baby that is already born with the zygote/embryo stage is either very misinformed or intentionally dishonest. It is apples to oranges.
Mizahn 26.08.2018
Yeah we used to be able to recommend moving to Utah but even they have been infested with freedom loving people now.
Groktilar 01.09.2018
We talking, undergrad, grad school or med or law school?
Gozragore 10.09.2018
Great. You have just rejected the US Constitution.
Dojas 19.09.2018
Bigotry is intolerance, the inability to tolerate or "deal" with differing views, opinions and lifestyles. You are exhibiting that. I can live with other povs and religions and even deal with laws that I do not agree with and still not feel compelled to call them bigots. Because I don't exhibit bigoted behavior, I understand we need to live together WITH our differences and will not waste time converting anyone that doesn't care to.
Macage 27.09.2018
At some point, we would have to give up meat, if the planet did not allow us to farm. I hope that you are not advocating that when all 'grandma' die, that we raise people to only procreate and be good to eat when they die.
Kell 03.10.2018
Well that does not count. I am talking about non family members.
Voodoogul 06.10.2018
I guess so. Cant make a living without giving uncle sam his cut.
Kigagal 12.10.2018
She knew he wanted it really.....
Mikajar 20.10.2018
Dan T...I have one.... How about get a heart full of kindness.
Dojin 30.10.2018
Should civil rights leaders have simply moved on when Whites-only restaurants were refusing to serve Black customers?
Gardagis 09.11.2018
If you are on the night shift, when crime primarily happens, and you don't interact with any other people other than criminals, it shapes how you see every situation. There isn't a relationship to be built if all you see is an enemy. You don't have to be moved out of the neighborhood, but you do need to see different sides of it.


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