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" Your eyes get wide at the mention that he is usually rougher, "It can be be.

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ooh lab guy. Tell him to meet you in a secluded area wearing nothing but his lab coat and goggles

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Fenriran 21.08.2018
Care to vouch for the authenticity of Ephesians, Colossians, 2 Thessalonians, 1 and 2 Timothy and Titus?
Kagall 29.08.2018
I don't. That's why I think it is ridiculous to believe in it. If supernatural processes/deities are to be believed, they should be evident. Otherwise there is zero reason to believe. It would just be humans trying to convince other humans about something they can't prove.
Nikot 07.09.2018
Actually, you've said that you would vote for the ban of SSM. Multiple times. And you think it's okay that people can vote for the removal of civil rights like marriage for gay people.
Yozshusho 16.09.2018
"he?s exactly what they need."
Mazusida 20.09.2018
Why would you think that if your body is resurrected, that you would come back to this earth only to die again. Or why would you think it would change as a cat?
Mezilrajas 27.09.2018
1: Because the Bible are full of inconsistencies like this
Taulkree 06.10.2018
Go back to the chat. Read my last post.
Moogugor 15.10.2018
No.. they shouldn?t have the right to decline.
Shaktizilkree 22.10.2018
I believe we agree since any foundational text is a man-made creation.
Vilar 31.10.2018
He should have just stopped after the 3rd word
Kagashakar 09.11.2018
You are apparently a drug abuser. Your kind of emotional insecurity is a common thread with all you homosexual Marxists. Go cry to your mommy.
Kigataur 14.11.2018
"Somehow or other, if you let this structure collapse, and I think it is collapsing, incidentally: it?s a house of cards built on some very bad concepts and some very poor science: poor because of the insistence that it is the only truth. If you let that crumble, what then happens?"
Mogore 23.11.2018
Not at all. I'm refusing to play the game.
Kiramar 04.12.2018
They have not been forgotten. They're just easily enforced because the vast, vast majority of people in those states are Christian and any atheist dumb enough to out themselves by challenging the law would never, ever win an election there anyway.
Taujar 05.12.2018
Or stupidity - yes, this is true; however, in this guy, I think we have all three. Malice born of ignorance and stupidity.
Fenrijas 06.12.2018
All Canada was doing well in the late 90s, not just Ontario. The preponderance of data shows that tax cuts actually do very little to stimulate an economy. Jim Flaherty learned that the hard way.
Mooguzragore 09.12.2018
Oh, absolutely. But just because you spend 12 hours a day with your SO and someone else only spends 8 hours a day with their SO may or may not directly correlate to how good the relationship is. And (although I really don't get it) some people say arguments are good for their relationships. Dates might be a good metric, but any display of affection can become routine, stale or more of a requirement than what it should be..
Dakinos 12.12.2018
3.5 hours? They should let you phone that in.
Kagaran 15.12.2018
Version number. Give it 900,000 more years and you'll be dealing with "Elephants 2.0"
Tojakazahn 24.12.2018
LOL!! No I didn't have one of those :(
Dura 28.12.2018
otherwise it would just be a crime.
Mikazuru 02.01.2019
Oh ! my! Googleness ! ! ! ?? ?? ?? ??
Shakalmaran 05.01.2019
I see you don't address one word I posted.


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