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One of the functions he was trained for as a guardian dog was to recognise and prevent human speech in his charges.

Mary and Rob_2011-1080p

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If you go through the old testament you find that not only does God condone Murder and Killing he actually encourages it. He even partakes, doing it himself. Therefore why should we even listen to the morals of a person who doesn't abide by them in the first place?

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Sashura 22.06.2018
You're too funny! Disinfowars banned me for pointing out Donald's Establishment appointments.
Malarn 28.06.2018
It sounds like your perception of "love" has been associated with one thing, and "God" with something else. The Taoists, however, have a profound piece of wisdom. "The name that can be named isn?t the Name itself." Meanwhile, the Buddhists have another, "Hate never ends with hate. Hate only ends with Love." And it wasn?t Jesus that taught anything but God?s love, and nor do hypocritical Christians represent Jesus. They represent what Jesus came to address as a rep of God.
Vudogore 06.07.2018
Apparently, they were stupid infidels and just sick people.
Nell 08.07.2018
You find functional literacy in comic books. Enough said.
Mijinn 17.07.2018
Historically what has caused the most trouble for humanity is the dangerous mind pollution of religion
Mulmaran 27.07.2018
Alas I'd love to be in relationship where this is common place. Instead we'd have insecurity, jealousy and shame.
Dokazahn 31.07.2018
So all you've got for "murder is wrong" is there's laws against it... with consequences?
Nikasa 06.08.2018
yur heart is hardened.. and I am not so generous as to give that which is holy to dogs... :) LOL!!!!Matthew 7: 6 Give not that which is holy unto the dogs, neither cast ye your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn again and rend you.
Yozshubar 12.08.2018
And our children and grand children want the Rainbow back NOW!
Mooguramar 20.08.2018
Says a person who falls asleep every night. Ding Dong time to wake up.
Akigar 30.08.2018
One advantage of not being a Christian is NOT having to turn the other cheek. Not that any Christian I know actually would let you smack them a second time without some kind of stern oppositional action.
Vimuro 08.09.2018
first one, was on the pill...18 and horny..born at 22 weeks, still born.
Zulkijinn 11.09.2018
Excellent! And, that is exactly what Kap is doing. Bringing attention to the injustice in our democracy.
Dakree 21.09.2018
They already are. Our ?welfare? programs are really wage subsidy programs so our largest most profitable corporations can find adults with kids willing to work for far less than it costs to survive.
Samujar 21.09.2018
Operator error on your part, huddie.
Arall 25.09.2018
pick this up if you want to know how dictionaries really work
Juzilkree 03.10.2018
You are right, and I have no answer. We are all basically selfish, me included.
Golkis 07.10.2018
What I'm saying is that 200 years ago Christians claimed a lot more of the Bible was to be taken literal. How come God himself couldn't make sure it was crystal clear what was literal and what's not? Crappy writer? Bad at giving visions? Seems the Bible is a lousy book in that respect.
Brashura 09.10.2018
Question: From where do morals and morality come from, if not from God?
Fauk 10.10.2018
Genesis is contradicted by science and common sense. And one can still believe in one or more gods regardless of it.
Daiktilar 18.10.2018
Still imagining Gay sex?
Mojinn 21.10.2018
He is merely pointing out that you are never right!
Kazisho 29.10.2018
I didn't say it was a good thing. I personally agree that it's not sustainable (and actually the growth curve has been naturally levelling off for a while now).
Mamuro 08.11.2018
Smh. This thread is about Bible archaeology, not fossils.
Kazrabar 16.11.2018
Forever (adverb). "For all future time".
Zusida 25.11.2018
good lord, Really?!?!! I weep for the species.....
Zubar 02.12.2018
Very well stated.
Muzuru 11.12.2018
Sure, there was, and the G-D of all creation did it.
Kelkree 20.12.2018
You are a true child of the 90s if you like beany babies... Wassup commercials while wearing your Reebok Pump and watching George of the Jungle movie. To be continued...
Daran 26.12.2018
Hmm, I would have suspected more softball players.


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