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omg, I am so sorry! if you can restore trust, then try (depending on how old your kids are). but I know for a fact, broken trust is very hard to fix. I'd have to move on because my anxiety would never allow me to relax again

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Bradal 29.06.2018
Johan, I appreciate your zeal. I was just like you for many, many years. But one thing you need to learn is that we dont have to have all the answers to non believers questions. Christians today need to listen without judgement, and love without condition. Then and only then will you be doing what God expects of us. ???????
Kelkis 07.07.2018
Actually... she just resigned as leader.
Zolorr 11.07.2018
OMG. I just watched Tomi Lahren getting water thrown on her. This is one of the happiest days of my life.
Braran 12.07.2018
Malt Vinegar is the only acceptable topping.
Mizragore 14.07.2018
There is no change to consider if it includes a supernatural being in a scientific endeavor. I am not sure why you think this is some kind of "anti-theist" conspiracy when many of you have admitted that God can not be detected using the scientific method. If it can not be detected, then it can not be considered scientifically. To insist it should would be contradictory and negate the purpose of science.
Taur 16.07.2018
Mhmmm. And what is instinct?
Daisar 21.07.2018
YES, dumbass. That is why there are no Asians.
Taumi 31.07.2018
The devil, it says, was no ordinary arch angel but third in command. He was anointed. He altered or twisted the words of God. That's all evil is. Its not creating anything, but altering it. Gods truth was twisted just a bit, half truths and also presented to mankind. There's a 'vulnerability' dealing in love. It says God is love. You have risk waiting on the other side to follow through on their part. That's where the fall happened. Mankind chose to side with this twisted version. It's separate from God. Holy...unholy. They can't be together, one destroys the other..logically.
Malahn 09.08.2018
Korver still cant hit anything
Vudogal 13.08.2018
I see you?re very opinionated. You have plenty of confirmation bias too. Way to be
Milkis 22.08.2018
No I don?t so.
Zologor 26.08.2018
Semantics. If you don't believe, or are not convinced, then you can provide an explanation. You are deflecting.
Samugore 26.08.2018
No, the First Amendment doens't actually do that.
Dajas 30.08.2018
Not really. I work for a production company and my boss put it on the desk of someone. I had a better opportunity because of that than someone else (probably more deserving).
Samurg 07.09.2018
LOL,keep it up.......
Tygozahn 14.09.2018
Since when are ultrasounds and lab tests not medical procedures? When I order those tests from an actual medical center, and the center bills for them, they are called medical procedures, and have an associated cpt code. How do you find it in any way justifiable or legal to have unlicensed laymen pretending knowledge, and performing medical tests and imaging on patients, and not being required to tell the patients that they really do not have any medical knowledge or licensure?
Mazuzuru 23.09.2018
No... its a pun. You said you were frisky. So I posted photos of friskies.
Kajikazahn 02.10.2018
"Free exercise of religion" can't violate laws. Jack Philips violated laws. He can't hide behind his religion like a coward.
Kajisar 12.10.2018
What you think is not what is and will never be. Words can be interpreted in more than one way so the intent is far more important than the words themselves. If people started assuming that most possibly offensive things are said only in jest, the world would be so much more peaceful. Clearly, this woman has a complete inability to laugh at herself.
Tar 22.10.2018
Forcing your brand of democracy on an other nation has worked very well in one instance: Germany. Though it wasn't an exact copy of US democracy, it was better - at least at the time and for the time.
Kemuro 23.10.2018
Its a question bubba. Just answer it.
Vudojinn 26.10.2018
a) Your inability to understand moral realism is not a problem for moral realism. Your claim that it is, is the fallacy of personal incredulity:
Kerg 03.11.2018
"First you have to know the Bible well enough to know if it is telling
Kigazshura 12.11.2018
OK. I will rephrase. I never made a statement that people who don't believe the same things as me are automatically unreasonable. You asserted that I did. Correct?
Vuzahn 19.11.2018
Again you have already said this . It's empty .


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