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It seems we were misunderstanding each other. When I said there was no indoctrination, I was referring to the action of the Court. It seems you were referring to the action of the individuals in the Case.

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Gay men blowing themselfs
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Zulutaxe 15.06.2018
The Church is losing credibility even among it adherents. In your analogy of corrupt politicians in the US, if the US never did anything about corrupt politicians then no one would believe the constitution. The say for the RCC, it is losing credibility because people are realizing that these sex scandals have been happening since the 4th century will little to no change. The church teaches preaches and insist on the Magisterium, Tradition, theology, the sacraments, etc bu they don't actually practice them. The constitution is respected in the US because it is enforced enough to make it real and valid.
Douzahn 23.06.2018
Does Christmas actually have anything to do with Christ (other than the name plucked in?)
Mezijora 01.07.2018
>>"They are not harmful."<<
Goltizilkree 03.07.2018
Thanks CP, morning to you too. The AVI is a result of Miriam and Jae Girl not being happy with my last two... One was too mean, the other was too punky, this one might work for both, says me with a huge grin.... lol
Zolomuro 07.07.2018
You're the one who made faulty assumptions on bible Passages. Stick to your own religious book then, and respect the Christian faith.
Tuzahn 12.07.2018
How is it bad if we encourage US Companies to manufacture within the highly regulated US environment that also mandates good wages?
Gazilkree 18.07.2018
You need to take the time to read known atheists.
Fenrigis 22.07.2018
I've tested it out and put it into action. After I've shared the gospel with others and told them about God. I prayed with them and God's Spirit moved upon them in a way that they could physically feel it, God bearing witness of Himself to them, and backing up His word. I've also laid hands on the sick and they did recover - usually within the same hour.
Mazurg 28.07.2018
Gods appointed time is not based on relative conditions. It is a set time.
Sharg 06.08.2018
Ah, but as we say in critique of the current mayor of Toronto "median and mediocrity are two different things: stop confusing them."
Samugami 14.08.2018
The water will not stop coming out of the faucet until you turn the handle. then it slows a little at a time till it is off
Zologore 24.08.2018
totally disregard all the history behind global trade agreements and just blame obama.
Samur 29.08.2018
No, let's start with the beginning, for if you cannot even understand Genesis 1, you will never get to the virgin birth.
Zolocage 03.09.2018
Ridiculous situation. Guess whats going to be in the next round of netflix contracts? Still shocked they didn't have one. I Wonder if he fought specifically against having one?
Mikagul 04.09.2018
Turn on Trump? I am no fan now. But until we see facts of laws he has broke and charges against him, it's all just talk. That's like asking what it would take for you to turn on hilly. Comey gave a great list of things that she did wrong and set the stage to charge her. But than he crosse the line and said she would not be prosecuted, witch is not even up to him. His job is to hand over the facts. We know she was never going to get held accountable for the bs she pulled. Now it's up to this investigation to do something different. First get the facts and than throw the book at anyone that has broke the law. Would be cool to see lots of the fat cats on both sides held accountable for their actions. It is not a one sided deal.
Tygosho 14.09.2018
Get the medication and the therapy from the health benefits you don't have. Get educated instead of needing to get a low paying job to help the family get by. Pick up and move when you can't afford the rent where you are. Stop having children when your local church is telling you it's a sin to use birth control....
Darisar 14.09.2018
So, re-written 7 times, but always in the same language...?
Dorisar 22.09.2018
Claiming to be a Christian doesn't make it so.
Samushakar 28.09.2018
You had me at "cookies". :)
Muktilar 28.09.2018
That you don't see how stupid your question is really tells a lot about your intelligence. It's funny that I changed one word in your question, and omitted the paratheses, and you recognize it as a stupid question but for some reason believe yours is still a good one.
Shakticage 05.10.2018
Trump was the genesis of this type of behavior, pre 2015. His bombastic tweets set the stage for this type of behavior, now he is aghast when it is used against him. The fool never saw it coming.
Zudal 10.10.2018
Just over a month. LOL
Nagore 17.10.2018
is there such a thing?
Mazujin 27.10.2018
It was a bit "heavy-handed"
Vugal 29.10.2018
I took a melatonin last night before I went to bed....in case I take my top off.
Kazijora 02.11.2018
wanna be a mod? *sly grin while holding the poison apple*
Moogugor 11.11.2018
Many people make tons of money with belief systems that suspend logic and rational thinking. It is worth for them.
Doukinos 14.11.2018
Entirely fictitious. Trump's GRANDMOTHER was a
Shall 16.11.2018
They find the bill of rights as problematic as well. Almost anything American they find problematic.
Makazahn 22.11.2018
You see only what you want to see. Same old.. same old...


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