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Gay clothing optional camps and resorts

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FemaleFakeTaxi Female lesbian cabbies get downright dirty

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Gay clothing optional camps and resorts
Gay clothing optional camps and resorts
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Akinogul 14.05.2018
I agree with you. She was working there. She was aware of the climate and the consequences. However, since then it's been put in her head that because he was who he was, that she wouldn't deny him. That's why they're calling it an "abuse of power."
JoJobar 24.05.2018
When did you become a duchess??
Douk 31.05.2018
Which one do you believe in?
Sagore 09.06.2018
I think you?re reaching here for a paradox that doesn?t really exist.
Meztiktilar 13.06.2018
To know what? The simple statement "This procedure will destroy the embryo or fetus you're carrying" would communicate the same information seeing an ultrasound or listening to a fetal heartbeat could.
JoJojar 16.06.2018
I bet they were freaks. :-P
Got 26.06.2018
Bill is sorry people keep bringing it up
Zuluramar 03.07.2018
It happens whenever commutard BLM morons "occupy" (and ultimately trash, of course) the office of some cowardly libtard university chancellor.
Dum 05.07.2018
Ummm...that's what she said?
Zulugar 06.07.2018
That's quite an odd response. I don't see anything in the original post or the thread title that says "Seeking the Truth about God's Existence Or Non-Existence."
Tygoll 13.07.2018
talent show with pics... I got a Joan Rivers pic...
Nikojas 16.07.2018
I frequently comment that beliefs trump knowledge. And sometimes I add something Galbraith said, "Faced with the choice between changing one's mind and proving that there is no need to do so, almost everyone gets busy with the proof." And I can't see that changing.
Kemuro 22.07.2018
I'd say so.
Tajora 30.07.2018
No, it's like a skid mark on the underpants of humanity that won't wash out. A curse that has caused us to hate each other and divides us.
Kagarr 06.08.2018
We're talking recent history only in this discussion.
Kagami 14.08.2018
Please show me the billboard that says all Christians are insane and anti-gay.
JoJolkis 16.08.2018
Since when does something which cannot prove up its claims have any role except a negative one?
Dikazahn 20.08.2018
Awww, I do hope you're right, but then anything beats her brother's tantrums, and parents' unemployment, violence and drug use.
Faenris 24.08.2018
No, it isn't a hoax at all...
Yozshurg 29.08.2018
You do know that YEC is a view held by a very small percentage of the human race, right? Yet there is an inordinate amount of time spent on it.
Nir 31.08.2018
I bought Tuna of the Coop, it wasn't good.
Nall 08.09.2018
I wasn't referring to the State itself.
Zulutaur 10.09.2018
In a natural world where one can trace disease to the indiscriminate combination and recombination of DNA, children suffering from genetic diseases is but a natural result of reproduction. There is no need to wordsmith the unfortunate outcomes of reproduction.
Durg 18.09.2018
Certainly ignorant of ridiculous conspiracy theories like "Obama kept his past hidden".


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