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He's a black patriot who has a bright and functioning brain, unlike you.

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Mugore 14.07.2018
The word you are seeking to describe the mindset that has become common in society is "nihilistic". It's the rejection of all purpose and order, often self-destructively so.
Kishicage 15.07.2018
:) my oh my but you are testy. I am not on a quest. I simply pointed out that the question is a fallacy because it is based on a fallacy. Muddy thinking is muddy thinking. Choices are made long before the fetus attaches to the womb.
Matilar 22.07.2018
Hedonism causes a hangover and leads to chronic health issues. Who wants that? It feels better to live in accordance to what the Buddhists call "dharma" or right action, right thoughts, right livelihood, etc. The morality of most religions are simply prescriptions for behaviors that lead to the highest probability of least complications in the life experience. God is a concept that has facility to inspire such discipline. One may well ask, "Why should we need inspiration to live rightly?" One may answer, "Sometimes inspiration comes in handy".
Zuzahn 24.07.2018
My dad was a flirt.
Tejas 27.07.2018
I don't care what they call themselves or call others, frankly. I use the word they use.
Jushicage 03.08.2018
The Smithsonian Institute? This institute that hides everything that do not match to "the evolution progress"?
Voodoom 07.08.2018
He'll need his toothbrush.
Terr 07.08.2018
It still remains today, but it can't be enforced today.
Vushura 15.08.2018
Oh I know, I need to start yelling at my wife for all these extra trips to the doctor
Zujinn 16.08.2018
Let's just see what happens when all those tariffs start to take affect on our economy.
Mesar 21.08.2018
What would you accept as proof?
Vudojinn 25.08.2018
Yeah. His label fits him because of his clear anti-gay homophobia.
Malkis 29.08.2018
The Title 1 FISA warrant on Carter Page basically made him radioactive. Getting that warrant illegally is the real issue here.
Gumuro 05.09.2018
I've heard in the porn industry for women it's referred to as "budding"
Felar 09.09.2018
I gave you numbers.
Tosida 12.09.2018
a) Your inability to understand moral realism is not a problem for moral realism. Your claim that it is, is the fallacy of personal incredulity:
Nelkis 20.09.2018
whew that guy smelled
Sabei 22.09.2018
Ah, enjoyable to witness the "tough on crime" crowd suddenly find sympathy.. funny how that works.
Kazigis 27.09.2018
You seem to be ignorant of the traditional guru-disciple relationship of vedic culture about which I speak.
Nirr 28.09.2018
Abortion numbers were undocumented. Not low.
Faum 05.10.2018
When it comes to dance, enthusiasm is much more important than skill or style.
Kajigore 06.10.2018
World salvation as connoted in the NT is not saving the world from the world itself. Jesus said that Satan is the prince of this world. World salvation in the NT means having been "saved" by Jesus's supposedly atoning death on the cross. Accept that, accept Jesus as son of god, god the son, repent, do good works, love one another - that's all part of salvation as conceived in Christianity. The world, according to John, has been "overcome" by Jesus's atoning death, but only spiritually. Salvation comes to individuals and communities who embrace Jesus as savior. It does not come to the world at large, and even then, it is a transformation of-and-in the soul, not an outward "fixing" of the world's woes.


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