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Obsessed? Not with a non existent thing. Christianity does exist and I do not like being lied to or ignorance being promoted for the gain of others. That simple.

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Cartoon ass face lawyer
Cartoon ass face lawyer
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Well, that just goes to show the hazards of taking doctrine too seriously and literally.
Zugor 16.08.2018
In order to have freedom and liberty, one must also have laws and a sense of morality, otherwise what you have is anarchy.
Kejind 21.08.2018
You said they were trying to force their lifestyle on him. Asking someone to bake a cake will make you gay?
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"and I am tired of you."
Samukus 08.09.2018
It is indeed an ad hominem.
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When do you think Timothy was written?
Shalkree 14.09.2018
Be careful if you have pets, though.
Tazragore 20.09.2018
OM. I'm cheap. As long as they're cold I'm good.


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