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Can pregnant women eat feta cheese

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So who's being discriminated against in this allegedly silly hypothetical?

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Can pregnant women eat feta cheese
Can pregnant women eat feta cheese
Can pregnant women eat feta cheese
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Arajin 29.07.2018
In this thread, I've seen several people trying to say that according to the Bible, Jesus was not actually God. Thought I'd offer these verses to help clarify things:
Faenris 31.07.2018
That is the one!
Mezim 02.08.2018
"Let God back in" = fear that creationists would use it
Moogukazahn 07.08.2018
Perhaps if you came with subtitles.
Nitaur 12.08.2018
You never asked a question. Come on, we need not go to basic grade school and reassess what an exclamation point [three of them] means in comparison to a question mark. It ceases being a "private attitude" when that same attitude is carried into the PUBLIC work sphere. This is the third time that I have pointed this out to you. Everyone has biases that influence how they react to stimuli or interact with people. Having someone with a racist viewpoint where they will service individuals whom they hate causes a liability to the employer. It is difficult to prove that someone has performed 'racist' or 'discriminatory' actions based on race. It is difficult to prove that a crime committed against a minority is a hate crime. Until.. in both instances, the racist has publicized their racist/sexist/homophobic attitude via social media or being seen at a Neo-Nazi event. Then, it colors the ACTIONS they have performed with a different perspective. Therefore, if I am a bank teller and I have given all people of one race a higher interest rate as a opposed to those of different race with similar qualifications, AND I also have stated I hate purple people and hope they burn a thousand deaths repeatedly on my Twitter account.... we now see the ACTIONS my racist attitude has caused. Still, I am UNSURE why you are persisting with this argument since it is OFF.TOPIC.
Kazikora 20.08.2018
If you need to be told that killing humans is usually wrong, you may lack empathy.
Samujas 25.08.2018
MTM. Thanks , I recently signed on for that service. I will look,
Juzahn 03.09.2018
You do if you criticize them for not doing so, for living excessively. You judge...so take some judgement too.
JoJogami 08.09.2018
You missed a "not" even though I brought up the double negative; why, was that a slip or an act of trolling?
Meziran 10.09.2018
Good questions. I'd start with a detailed, itemized list of every provincial ministry, department, board, office, commission, crown corporation, and glee club. I'd see which ones are doing stuff that government has no business doing, or basically don't do anything except exist for the sake of existing, and shut them down. If 99+ % of the people wouldn't even notice it didn't exist, it shouldn't exist.
Volkis 14.09.2018
Fair enough, If God exists outside of this universe he does have the capacity to interact in this universe. I think by your statement you are open to the idea that he can but then is governed by the laws of this universe. What happens if you are correct but because he is the creator of this universe he has immense power to affect change in this universe to the point of manipulating the laws of this universe say resurrection of the dead?
Vudorr 20.09.2018
I have no idea what fentanyl is.
Dagami 25.09.2018
Aw man.... on of my clients got turned back in a 5th wheel on his way to Florida with his wife and kids. All because of a few grams when he was a kid. I hope that when it becomes legal in Canada On July 1st that they?ll pardon everyone that was so wrongly treated.
Votilar 27.09.2018
I bet you're a fun excursion as well.
Negrel 29.09.2018
Tell that to this drink! Boom!
Akilkree 06.10.2018
It's a graphic. It exists. I liked the message. Feel free to
Taurn 14.10.2018
>>"They should not be propagandizing in our schools, either."<<
Tekora 24.10.2018
Different economics. When it costs millions to take someone to Mars and that one has to be educated, trained and high functional to get the mission to a success, you don't send those you are glad they are away. Space will not be settled by the bold, the naive and the ones that have nothing to lose.
Nekinos 02.11.2018
Faith provide some with solace. They see worth in that. True?
JoJogis 07.11.2018
How much time did they give him when he was convicted of money laundering for Russia? What? You say he hasn't been convicted and you're just spitting bullshit allegations? Oh, see now that makes sense.
Mulkis 11.11.2018
You do realize that there are *multiple* means of dating geologic samples, and that often carbon dating isn't the best method?
Tule 17.11.2018
That's wrong. Why don't all Christians then give it all up? Its not saying that, but within the heart. Nothing comes before God, period. You don't love this life, nor family even before God! Of course you love your life, your kids, your fam...but not before GOD! Its the same with all the things. Gods not a cheapskate withholding things from His kids. I think you only know half truths here. Its like believing money is evil. Its the love of it.
Arashishura 27.11.2018
You are a religionist who has no evidence based proof in support of any of the gods and any of the fraudulent religions that invented those gods.


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