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So because other women had it worse we don't have the right to complain about lesser offenses now? That's exactly the kind of thing men say now to undermine legitimate complaints.

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Shaktishura 18.08.2018
The distance between his being an actual historical figure and God in the flesh is quite a leap. He wasn't the first who claimed divinity and he won't be the last.
Faujin 23.08.2018
if you treat everyone the way you'd like to be treated, wouldn't it take care of the deadly sins?
Sall 30.08.2018
I always laugh when I read that because liberal is a synonym for "open-minded". So I always read it as "fundamentally open-minded"
Gajin 04.09.2018
There are a minority of Christians who do run these sorts of organizations and the work they do is invaluable and commendable. But the remainder are callous and hardened to the difficulties of modern society for many .
Akikora 11.09.2018
hey I was responding to his statement
Nilkis 16.09.2018
If they didn't have any proof of collusion which is how they got the warrants how is it they can have obstruction of something that never happened. They are going after him for perjury which is why they want him to talk to Mueller.
Vimuro 17.09.2018
I bet you had to use a manual can opener too!
Vigami 18.09.2018
At an elementary school? Let's hope not . . . but you never know . . .


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