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Yeah, who knows. Those eastern ideologies/philosophies/religions, what I know of them, I find very attractive.

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Big itts in lingerie
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Tuktilar 02.06.2018
I don?t want social justice warriors in the White House, so I guess a thank you is in order for Lebron. Thanks, Lebron!
Dir 04.06.2018
Because He's referring to within...like I said. God cares about the physical, but its down the line compared to spirit and soul.
Ararn 12.06.2018
I like to be deliberately contrary when going into a starbucks. It's small, medium, and large you arrogant coffee snobs!!!!!!!
Yojinn 17.06.2018
Nonsense: do you have some strange idea that only non-believers suffer?
Kizil 20.06.2018
then by that logic, a progressive christian isn't a christian at all, as it encompasses dismissing texts and ideas of christianity that make it "christian" in the first place.
Dalar 22.06.2018
FB has ruined many a friendship ??
JoJomi 30.06.2018
Tom's new theme song....lol
Arashile 06.07.2018
Except Jesus condemns adultery. And it's in the top 10. And it hurts someone else.
Goltirisar 06.07.2018
you did have a great holiday
Taujar 10.07.2018
Those are fine :)
Zulurr 11.07.2018
Question: What happened with the two wars or the Bush tax cuts that caused the deficit to increase exponentially after 2007? Answer: NOTHING. The housing bust created the recession, which created the huge deficits.
Voodoolar 20.07.2018
They ALL follow different interpretations of their holy books.
Nar 29.07.2018
There is only one Almighty, Father, Jehovah. He has appointed Jesus to be King of the Kingdom.
Dosida 30.07.2018
No, my solution to the issue (which is largely outlined by ralph above) is for the most part one that has bipartisan support across the country.
Mausho 01.08.2018
Great game so far, the Cavs have withstood the Warriors haymakers
Gataur 08.08.2018
The demon code prevents me.... from declining a rock off challenge....
Yohn 09.08.2018
"Nope" to what?
Kajar 19.08.2018
Both are obviously impossible.
Gujind 27.08.2018
Country Butchers are so far ahead of that shit out of Toronto its unreal for a few bucks more its worth the trip and at times less Costly ...We have a butcher a mile away and guess where his meat comes from T.O. Bought an organic rib steak at the local butcher ,costly but delish .....
Tojarn 06.09.2018
What makes it unjust? Before you answer, be sure you understand how the Irish education system works.
Vudojora 10.09.2018
I felt the same way
Kakus 17.09.2018
Wider exposure than her public post?


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