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August ames college present

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Hadiths and the Qur'an, Muslim Scholars and Islamic teachers. I rate #2.

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Maugar 31.08.2018
Sounds more conspiracy theory than reality. Uri Geller was a con artist, nothing more. That the government looked into it doesn't surprise me. Then again, they also had men staring at goats.
Kajijar 07.09.2018
I see that you lack the ability to understand that we were discussing this one particular incident. And, concerning this one particular incident, he is NOT a criminal. Despite your wish to ruin his life.
Tanris 11.09.2018
You don't find the ever more common attempts by the left to segregate people by skin color and body parts to be scary? You don't find those same people's attempts to remove the freedoms of people they disagree with to be scary? You don't find the actions of "religions" that the left approves of and loves, which subjugate women and non-"believers" as slaves and objects to be scary?
Voodoorg 17.09.2018
So you have people of unknown faith, denomination only is known, making statements.
Shaktiktilar 21.09.2018
i condone businesses refusing service to folks, as long as they arent discriminating based off of sex, gender, race, creed, or color.
Zololkree 01.10.2018
I personally think there is more to this kid doing the shooting than being rejected by a girl but that is my opinion. I am actually at a loss to understand just because rejection is a part of life for all of us
Kagakinos 03.10.2018
The more you know!
Voodookus 09.10.2018
Darwinian s believe that the complexity can increase as a result of RANDOM mutations and "natural selection", which is assumed to be non-directed. That is, they claim that a directed process can spontaneously arise from random fluctuations. A naive form of Maxwell's demon. Perfect rubbish.
Akinoll 14.10.2018
Most don't. They just believe what they are told from the pulpit.
Zugrel 17.10.2018
Read down the thread for it.
Goltijind 22.10.2018
I am here. I am now. That's all I get to work with. I try to make the best of it. All anyone can really do.
Fenrilkree 25.10.2018
"I am curious to what you mean when you say 'better.'"
Zulmaran 30.10.2018
Nope. I am here. The problem is. You are blind. You do not see Me.
Yok 08.11.2018
Well, SCotUS only has a month or so to rule, and people are starting to get nervous. They may be legally forced to treat homosexuals like they're people.
Balmaran 17.11.2018
right? those hatch-lings are definitely on the dark side D:
Shakazilkree 27.11.2018
I am not treating you as stupid at all. I am asking you questions that people don't answer. I am not trying to prove anything wrong at all. I am trying to understand the story. It is true that I don't believe it is literally true but I am not talking about that at all. I am asking question after question that is never answered. I don't care even a tiny bit whether it is right or wrong. I am saying as clearly as possible that I do not understand the story. It don't understand the claims. I don't understand the sequence. I don't understand the motivations of the characters. I don't understand the moral. I don't understand how people think it is good to believe it. I don't understand how people think God is loving. I don't understand any of it. Christianity is the most bizarre religion of all the religions. I have never heard of another religion that is more bizarre in it's central story. The problem is not that I don't know the story. The problem is that I do know it.
Taum 04.12.2018
That's how he negotiates, first he dumps the apple cart , then he offers to buy an apple at a discounted rate.
Mikabei 06.12.2018
Coming over and starting shyt is uncalled for so why did you start it with me
Nidal 08.12.2018
Actions don't have to be illegal to be wrongly intended.
Tygomi 12.12.2018
Yes, from my understanding it is much rougher on the body than regular birth control. Not to mention really expensive compared to most other birth control methods lol.
Tauktilar 16.12.2018
He was not in the SENATE well and this was not his political event.
Akinozragore 19.12.2018
Whoa, Rambler - that is quite the site !!
Karisar 24.12.2018
I can substantiate everything I say, and you've said nothing. So typical for the white-right. Now call me a snowflake.
Guktilar 31.12.2018
That is no reply.
Vudokazahn 03.01.2019
well a copy at least... LOL autographed.. for when they get famous.
Zulkizshura 07.01.2019
That's a nice picture of you. ??
Malalar 14.01.2019
Trump going on and on about IQ's is truly a riot.
Mazubei 18.01.2019
Well having a Masters in Child Neuropsychology does help shed some light on neural development in kids, but mostly it's common sense. Children aren't perfect, children act out. Children rebel. To expect perfection from a child as your means of stopping them from handling weapons is silly.


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