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Couldn't have said it better myself; I used to be an amoral atheist and it's EXACTLY what I believed.

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Zushura 30.08.2018
Bullshit. Answer the f***ing question, it's not ridiculous at all. A good analogy would be this: I propose that we should invest in infrastructure and build a road between our two towns, then you say "oh, yes, then I suppose you'll want a road between all the towns in the World; we can't afford that".
Shaktilabar 04.09.2018
The only viable solution is the US become the global environmental police. All other solutions work on the honor system which we've seen gamed in every way imaginable.
Salabar 12.09.2018
Damn. My niece wanted some crab legs. The store was out of them completely.
Taran 14.09.2018
I couldn't grok Stranger in a Strange Land. I think the plot was too weak to justify the page count.
Fauzahn 23.09.2018
Yeah we used to be able to recommend moving to Utah but even they have been infested with freedom loving people now.
Jukazahn 26.09.2018
According to whom are these numbers for something?
Tenris 01.10.2018
My religion does not support the notion that we are special in any way.
Gohn 03.10.2018
"Remember: "Then Jesus told him, "Because you have seen me, you have believed; blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed.""
Nijinn 10.10.2018
And there are modern alternative ceremonies that only require the spilling of a drop of blood. People can still be jewish and have an intact foreskin.
Akisar 10.10.2018
okay, that's what I thought. Trump got the wall shoved up his ass, and now is trying to blame others and shove the wall up their ass, or throat - your metaphor is open on that.
Mihn 19.10.2018
If your beliefs are based upon verifiable evidence, then no faith is ever required. Only when a belief requires you to suspend logic and reason and accept it without verifiable evidence is faith ever necessary.
Maurg 19.10.2018
More correctly it?s ? I got your Big Bang RIGHT HERE!?
Jur 28.10.2018
Right?! OH LAWD!
Voshura 29.10.2018
The joke had nothing to do with killing babies. I'm assuming you didn't get it.
Kagor 06.11.2018
But you can't see it. How do you know that the wind turbine isn't pushed by some internal motor?
Terg 13.11.2018
Nobody is preaching against a god that they don't think exists, or at least not most of us.
Mishakar 14.11.2018
I agree. Christian Fundamentalism makes for good teevee.
Kagajar 18.11.2018
You know...that's an interesting point too. Because I have an aunt and uncle and my uncle has always been really reserved and very complimentary of my Mom during holiday parties telling her what a great job she had done... and always seemed like a nice guy in general and very non-threating. Years later I learned that he was verbally abusive to my aunt. His son, my cousin, was abusive to his ex-wife. That's when it came out about my Uncle when we all learned how abusive his son was. Just another perspective that you just don't know what's going on in people's lives much of the time.
Mujas 25.11.2018
Didn't you post a while ago about your child being possessed by demons? That post makes a lot more sense in light of this one.
Mazahn 04.12.2018
But the truth is we should have interprovincial trade in this country....
Gardamuro 15.12.2018
I had the chicken fajita bowl by Chili's. Good stuff.
Kigashicage 22.12.2018
Yes, that's EXACTLY what happened. It's the latest fad among racist Trump supporters: to use 911 to harass black people.
Yogal 30.12.2018
Council of Nicaea was 325. I thought you were trying to make the case that there were some First Century texts that mentioned the epistles. No one makes those claims about the NT? Tell someone who gives a rip. One thing I will never care about is someone else's opinion on the Bible. I paid my dues sitting through 3 years of Ancient Greek in college. Now I don't know what you are trying to say about hoaxes. We invaded Iraq because Saddam started selling his oil for Euros instead of dollars, not because of any weapons. He had mustard gas and he used it to keep the peace which is not cool. When Libya wanted to sell their oil for some African gold-based currency we deposed their leader as well. Iran just switched from dollars to Euros and so our war profiteers are trying to cook up a scheme to bomb Iraq until they sell their oil for dollars again. If you want the truth about anything, the early Church or modern invasions just follow the money.
Kijora 03.01.2019
Mythicism is incoherent crankery.
Tall 09.01.2019
I know democrats struggle with the 2nd amendment but liberals for the most part, as is fundamental to their philosophy, protectors of liberty.
Akinole 13.01.2019
So you are not bright enough to discern between a living, breathing human being and something that mimics a parasite with a potential. That's really sad.


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