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Kung fu fighting girl

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Was a disaster before ACA. Improved by some metrics afterward, at least more people covered. A lot of cost shifting.

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Teen deep mouth fuckung movie
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My point is that science can not say what they have not discovered. The fact that they have not proved the existence of extra sensory perception, does not proof it does not exist. You see that, right? Once upon time, the notion that small invisible exceedingly fast moving particles flying right through us at all times would have seemed like fantasy, too. Its just as much folly to say that ESP does not exists, as it is to say that it does. We don't know if humans have an "extra sense" with respect to interacting with our environment that we do not know we have. To be closed minded about considering the existence of hithertobefore not scientifically discovered stuff, would seem unwise, since we never fail to impress ourselves with new discoveries over time.^
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Thus why it?s not a fact. Unverified facts are simply allegations.
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I'm paying attention you are not writing coherently.
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It's absolutely barbaric to circumcise infant boys no matter how normalized the practice has become with time and popularity. Let a male decide for himself especially when he has a member that is big enough to operate on with better precision and not overdo it as so many circumcisions are.
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Unless someone is inside a business, inside a home, inside the fence of any property it isn't private property. The side walk, as an example, isn't private property.
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Well, to be fair, of all the world's religions, the Abrahamics are perhaps the most ideologically totalitarian, with Islam being the worst. Monotheism has some serious issues.
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Oh, I see. You're creating a strawman, since he didn't say that.
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Wow, did you come up with that all by yourself? LOL
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Why did he win then?
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You're just being silly. Ignorance certainly allows for bliss. But bliss isn't an effect of ignorance.
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According to the red pills and the "I'm not a red pill I just agree with whatever they say," crowd, false accusations are punishable by death, but men who assault or harass women always had a good excuse to do so. They never get this riled up when a woman is assaulted or harassed.


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