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Religious claims claim to be infallible.

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Malalabar 29.08.2018
How am I attacking science shannon, do not be so sure you are not seeing things in the spectrum of socialized groupthink or pre-judgement. We are all guilty of that mistake by projecting our emotions and views onto others. We are all guilty of that. We can only learn to overcome it.
Mikami 30.08.2018
I see no reason why either sex or religion needs to be taught in our public schools.
Gorg 02.09.2018
I was in Costco yesterday and came across a package of cheese slices (there were 3 types) and the mozzarella slices had blue marks. I'm sorry, I failed to check the best before date so I can't comment on that. I brought it to the attention of one of the staff working nearby and he started checking through all the packs on the shelf.
Vikinos 13.09.2018
seriously. I understand why some people don't use a blinker., Too many drivers see it as a sign of weakness, to pounce and deny the person the room needed. It almost comes as a surprise when turning on a blinker actually results in accommodating behavior from others.
Kajijar 20.09.2018
Well they had formal vote which they lost by a yuge margin.
Mirn 26.09.2018
What did we make, cookies?
Torg 01.10.2018
Did you watch the video?
Groshicage 03.10.2018
One of many reasons why I'm glad I left my home state of California.
Tektilar 07.10.2018
"It is not the case that people who don't believe the same things you do are automatically unreasonable." --- If you knew what a straw man argument was, you would realize that this was a straw man argument.
Tashura 18.10.2018
The beat the Patriots UwU
Maucage 23.10.2018
LOL what has Carrie got to do with a feminine side? Hold your water until I am done or you get the switch...
Gazilkree 27.10.2018
Many working people still remain poor. America has a poverty problem, much more than other developed western countries. Also look up statistics on infantile death and maternal death as well as life expectancy.
Nikoshura 05.11.2018
By 2050? Quite possibly not.
Kikora 14.11.2018
Similar to your "sky is falling" conservative one.
Zulukinos 20.11.2018
No more or less than the latch on the stall of the shitter at work.
Febar 30.11.2018
My wife's a Doctor. She says it's a baby at conception.
Jujar 02.12.2018
Two different things. First of all, teachers are routinely instructed not to publish photos of themselves on social media engaging in behaviors that would shed a poor light or bring undue attention to the districts where they work. I have personally seen social media postings from teachers I know that were not appropriate, such as posing with alcohol or looking obviously impaired. Rules exist for a reason, and in this case, the reasons are because adults just don't know how to behave on social media.
Vudomuro 05.12.2018
Right. These Creator-supporters envision a mechanistic, Deist, watchmaker deity who cares nothing about the robotic creatures that its hobby creates...
Kagakasa 10.12.2018
#2 was in place because of the Republicans. It was the only way to get any votes in order to cover people with preexisting conditions.
Dagor 15.12.2018
"throwing a kinky orgy"
Zujin 15.12.2018
No we all are not superstitious or religious.
Shaktilabar 17.12.2018
"Big Bang" I'd bet the sexual connotations are not without intention.


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