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"I never said evolution "proves" God does not exist, I said -as you said- evolution proves God is not necessary."

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Sex with a secretary free of charge
Sex with a secretary free of charge
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Kazigar 21.08.2018
I think you were polite. I'm not faulting you for that, just curious to hear the supporting reasons for your conclusion.
Dushura 30.08.2018
No, people are "poor" from their voluntary choices.
Moshura 06.09.2018
Three are no open-minded people. All have been influenced by teachers, world views, environment etc.
Akinomuro 07.09.2018
So you have voted for liberals in the past or when Wynne was leading the party. :-) I remember when I used to vote ndp provincially and I voted for PET. Parties change, people change, and most of us change our support.
Kijora 15.09.2018
I guess she really likes sex, hmm good for her
Arashilrajas 16.09.2018
I don't believe you. Do some research and post links.
Kagore 22.09.2018
It's an easy find... if you choose to look for it. You won't, because it's easier to deny that way.
Arashiramar 26.09.2018
So, now that the Supreme Court in the US has ruled in his favour, is he now entitled to sue CCRC for all the lost income, money spent defending himself and his rights, and for the pain and suffering brought about by this sham of a decision in the first place?
Darn 05.10.2018
Agreed, although I'm not sure what you mean by "silence others". Can you give an example of how others might be silenced?
Gozilkree 14.10.2018
You make jokes, I've had that problem before.
Yolabar 16.10.2018
Most humans have an instinctual moral basis to feel for others . To Not cause pain, not kill.
Vudozragore 17.10.2018
So as long as it?s an unknown, or undiagnosed medical disorder, it?s OK to publicly humiliate them.
Tozil 23.10.2018
You are not reading what I wrote.
Brashura 27.10.2018
Well if this is a "witch-hunt," and so far no witches, but seems like its certainly exposed some "warlocks." It's not the power that's evil, it's disgusting people that uses power, (intended for good), for their own tyrannical purposes. Some of the warlocks are even Russian? There's Collusion all-2-be-damn, one would have to be either blind or stupid not to recognize it.
Tanos 06.11.2018
She did die of radiation, the kind is up for grabs. They dug her up. Edit, got some sort of grave samples...??
Zuran 09.11.2018
NONE of those "histories" have anything to do with "I invented the internet" Al Gore.
Akigor 17.11.2018
Dr. From obscure University?. Well there you have it. Of course Oxford, Harvard, Yale, Princeton Sheffield, every ??State?? University, Ivy league theological seminary would be then be considered obscure by your standards.
Kazijora 25.11.2018
No Hud, the story isn't real. It's a story. It's a story. One more time: IT'S A STORY.


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