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I agree completely with your "if we don't know, then we don't know." Because...it surely seems like we just don't really know. Still I find it seems quite normal to me. I never implied I thought it stable or in the wrong phase (warming or cooling) and I don't pretend to know.

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Remove gray box after removing bottom links
Remove gray box after removing bottom links
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Vorn 04.08.2018
This might not be the kind of response you are seeking: The more one looks for racism, and the more one becomes sensitive about it, the more one sees it, even when it is not there. Let me relate an experience.
Aragis 09.08.2018
Great stuff,I will keep it bookmarked.
Gardabar 16.08.2018
So basically there is no off topic but don't flaunt it to the sensitive person. So if there is like a Facebook group with the friends, the woman with the miscarriage cannot stop the whole group from discussing pregnancy. If she feels uncomfortable, she can leave the group. But with one on one conversations, it makes sense to leave pregnancy talk out of the conversation.
Faesida 23.08.2018
Yeh, by shooting ourselves in the foot with the current President.
Mokasa 01.09.2018
No evidence at all.
Vojar 03.09.2018
Not too long ago, statement "the Earth is round" was obviously untrue for billions of people.
Shaktisar 11.09.2018
Ok, I think we worked that out already in this thread. Yes, if an experiment or study can garner the same results over and over than that information can be considered true.
Akinolrajas 13.09.2018
Always favored narwhals. Unicorns of the sea.
Mazukinos 21.09.2018
"Then we agree that comprehensive education is necessary."
Vujind 23.09.2018
A lot of people experience that exsct same environment. I know I did. I don't believe that hearing about heterosexual people throughout history had any impact on my sexuality.
Taugrel 03.10.2018
There are 38 religions practiced in the US. Which ones are you going to teach about? Its a farce.
Kazrahn 08.10.2018
With luck, he'll never go to prison. . .
Zulkirr 09.10.2018
Yes, I have the balls to reference a statement by gore himself.
Mauramar 15.10.2018
I'm unsure if you understand that is the opposite of my normal position. I'm trying to remain intellectually honest by really examining the arguments of the other side.
JoJokus 21.10.2018
I'm looking forward to reading your article refuting Hawking's statement and finally explaining to the academic world what science is and does.
Misar 22.10.2018
You still can't be hostile toward religion.
Maukasa 30.10.2018
Great question...one, I have never heard an answer for.
Shabar 31.10.2018
That is where we have to part-I think Franklin Graham is an evil person and God is not in him. He had betrayed his father on earth and his father in heaven. Franklin Graham puts his trust in something other than God
Akijind 05.11.2018
What do gays have to do with Japanese internment camps?
Yozshumuro 10.11.2018
So based on your last paragraph, I assume since Koreans and Chinese eat dog, you do not think very highly of them as a people group. Or am I reading too much into it?
Shaktihn 20.11.2018
"I recycle, drink responsibly, and try to reduce my carbon footprint!"
Tobei 24.11.2018
AFAIK, Here in NSW Australia, sending an unsolicited dicpic would be a crime under the telecommunications laws (even a solicited one might be, but probably wouldn't be acted on. For this reason, once she'd brought it to the police's attention and provided the evidence she probably wouldn't be required to participate further.
Akinogal 29.11.2018
I think this topic deserves its own conversation. You're right that many atheists maintain a simplistic and overly negative view of the god( s ) of the bible, as many theists do an overly positive one. Some atheists, however, have more nuanced views, as do theists of course.
Vishura 06.12.2018
They usually do...they can?t help themselves
Doum 08.12.2018
Oh contraire! Without it, margaritas would be lime-aide.
Sataxe 11.12.2018
Please answer. You are the one who made an assertion. Now please support it.
Vudogami 16.12.2018
Let me phrase it another way.
Terg 25.12.2018
Who Knew healthcare could be so hard?


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