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Painting stripe bottom of wall

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It was meant to be a short, one-part piece to get my creative juices flowing and test the waters, but once I started I couldn't stop and couldn't find anything to sacrifice.

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I bet your brain feels as good as new considering you never use it...

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Painting stripe bottom of wall
Painting stripe bottom of wall
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Unless science pursues those thoughts, how can you know they are inane?
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So why are you proclaiming today's scientists are the end all be all of factual data?
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Oh, I am not referring to you, specifically. I merely highlight the hypocrisy of the right - who go for death threats. See the link above.
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I'm well, thanks and loving every one of your posts! :-)
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So therefore Hindus and Muslims are not religious or spiritual.
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I agree that there has been a lot of ambivalence shown toward homosexuals by Christianity. I have seen a lot of verbal gymnastics and jousting over Romans 1 and Leviticus 17 to name a few passages. I don't get how a gay minister can counsel a parishioner and use scripture - which he calls God's Word - and tell that parishioner that it says here in John 1 that Jesus is God's word made flesh and he has brought light to us all. Is it me or is there a problem here with both cruel and humane stories emanating from the same Holy Book?
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No, it can but does not if the person is motivated to change. Much of the successes in transitioning to heterosexuality has been suppressed.
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When I squat to take a pee in a forest I prefer not to be photographed.
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The West hisllboro Baptist church, again?
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You dont read very well, do you. So sad.
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Psalm 137:9 This is a lament and cultural. This is what happened to the Jews when Jerusalem captured. It is a prophecy of what is to happen to people that did it when the next conquerors arrive.
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I knew a young man who became obsessed with a younger student here and when she told him that she was not allowed to date, because she was only fifteen, he took that as a signal to hang around until she turned sixteen. By then he had really creeped her out. He used to come in here angry because she's spurned his advances and I'd have to remind him that he could not MAKE someone love him or go out with him, and that he was scaring the young lady. I also made the young lady's mother aware of what was going on. He backed off, but sometimes, he'd just be so angry at having been rejected, I could see him doing something irrational if he had access to weapons.


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