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Matt chandler god and sex
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Vudolmaran 10.07.2018
Sure...my point is that while it may be against BART rules, it's likely not against the actual "law". Basically, I am mocking the moron threatening to call the cops over a dude eating a burrito.
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Zolokus 29.07.2018
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Sharn 01.08.2018
Was that the problem?
Yozshuzuru 08.08.2018
Huh? I never said that you have to believe to know it. I did not claim a belief of any kind. I said i know it.
Fenrigami 18.08.2018
Hear hear. Be honest and take the flak is not part of Trumps repertoire. He'd rather cover up, deny and lie until it all blows up in his face a million times worse.
Moogurr 21.08.2018
But only in America of course :P
Gardale 24.08.2018
sorry, can't be.
Gumuro 26.08.2018
What I said was
Faukree 27.08.2018
Some floor sanding music is satiable to many.
Zolokree 04.09.2018
right, so fearing a god is more important to you than understanding him or questioning his motives?
Jushura 09.09.2018
True. And I'm not sure why ABC would expect anything different from Rosanne. I wonder if there was any discussion of the pitfalls of twittering while stupid in her contract negotiations?
Dounos 12.09.2018
See you get it.
Gazahn 15.09.2018
Never said that, and you know: I read all the slides, found them totally incoherent, and then had a laugh at the final conclusion.
Gucage 17.09.2018
Churches are businesses. They take in money, sometimes quite a bit. They sell bullshit, but people buy it.
Samucage 23.09.2018
That is merely your uneducated opinion.


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