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In a general sense yes, we do give all glory to God but that doesn?t mean we don?t also give credit where it is due. For example, when I was in a hospital a few years back having multiple surgeries I did give the ultimate credit to God for setting up my recovery but that doesn?t mean I didn?t also give the doctors and nurses a high amount of credit and gratitude for their roles as well. They worked hard to be able to do what they do and deserve credit for it. If you?re talking about salvation then yes, God gets all the credit for that because it?s a gift that only he can give. Wouldn?t make sense to thank someone else for it.

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Male strip poker download
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Kazrall 20.05.2018
that's a good one. In fact, if one were to believe in heaven, it wouldn;t make sense to NOT have suffering here. Otherwise, earth would be heaven
Gorr 30.05.2018
NO. No rational reason for you, maybe; but then you are not rational. It is NOT usurping God's authority to urge people to repent. In fact, it is commanded.
JoJoramar 02.06.2018
Islamic fundamentalism is increasingly exhibiting it's worse traits. No where in the New testament does it tell you to:
Zular 03.06.2018
Seems like a fun girl....nasty as fk but as long as it's her mouth and body!
Babar 09.06.2018
I want my Globe(s) warmed... hhehehe
Nerisar 14.06.2018
There's zero evidence.
Mezigore 16.06.2018
Has anyone ever heard of a racist who quietly asserted their superiority over another group only within the confines of their mind? And therefore, never treated another group of people poorly thru actions? Asking for a friend..
Kilmaran 21.06.2018
The word " feel" makes me feel sad.
Daimi 30.06.2018
I call them dummies.
Mauzil 09.07.2018
So, who decides which of Yahweh's laws are "big time" and which aren't?
Voramar 11.07.2018
No, you're making it up.


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