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Their parents had to fight the county's school system for them to be allowed to use the female bathroom (due to the concerns of other parents), and in middle and high school, the two could not join girls, nor boys sports teams because of the technicality of their sex.

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And this is where you are wrong. I don't know if you've met many trans people (I have) but they are

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Latin model teen top
Latin model teen top
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Sacage 06.06.2018
If Jesus was a living god I'd be able to see him first, and then believe him because he's shown himself as actually real.
Shashura 09.06.2018
Ebola is a 'curse' to Mankind. So is death. Is this the way you reason? Might as well take a laxative to cut off the cough; you won't dare to cough anymore.
Brale 10.06.2018
Hey, I don't know zilch, but you might Google Lawrence Krauss about
Kaktilar 20.06.2018
Does God exist?
Kera 24.06.2018
I dunno? Why did the media leave out the story on Dixon?
Kazilmaran 29.06.2018
Our constitution only says Govt. can't make one denomination the religion of the state. They can't say you have to be Baptist, or Catholic or any other denomination. At one time, the several states did exactly that. Separation of Church and State does not mean separation of God and State.
Kazragul 08.07.2018
Please answer. You are the one who made an assertion. Now please support it.
Nikogore 11.07.2018
By sarcastically saying this instance is representative of responsible gun owners? Come on now Sundance....
Tautaxe 16.07.2018
Having read it, cover to cover word for word the only conclusion a rational person can make, is that if in fact there were a God as depicted in that work of fiction....it should be hunted down and killed immediately for the good of humanity
Feshakar 23.07.2018
Marilyn was "terrible people by virtue of wealth and greed"?
Vicage 24.07.2018
The Muslim label for their god - Allah was a cultural existence also - long before Muhammad evaluated various available handles for his nightmare visit in a deep dark cave. Allah was the name of a local moon goddess.
Feramar 31.07.2018
There is nothing phobic is defending a country's border and preventing crimes. That's the job of army and law enforcement, are they all phobic?
Vojora 04.08.2018
'You don't like her because she is of a different political persuasion?'
Nizragore 08.08.2018
I vote for myself. I only toss undesirables into the people-grinders on thursdays.
Mishakar 12.08.2018
If you think that a dead Jew that wandered around a remote desert for about a year while wearing sandals and a robe was a real god - because an ancient book written by ignorant and superstitious men says so - you are an idiot.
Vijora 21.08.2018
And we stood by and did nothing about it?! lol
Kecage 26.08.2018
It doesn't matter what else is there. What makes you think this is either? Maybe nothing is.
Mejar 02.09.2018
No, I didn't make it up. The human mind made it up by automatically ascribing a cause to every effect which is how we became a species of acquired knowledge. When we see a painting we begin to wonder about the artist. It's intrinsic to the mind.
Nitaur 12.09.2018
There is a tree, so proof of god. Yeah real argument, silly but real.
Samuzragore 14.09.2018
You're mistaken. Jesus fulfilled no Old Testament prophecies which is why the Jews don't worship him as the Messiah.
Zolojin 24.09.2018
You seem to stumble on the fact that none of the articles mentioned "skin of the teeth"; yet you do not give any credit whatsoever to the fact that "tooth" and "eye" were mentioned at pair in value for life by the writer, some almost 4000 years back, despite Man's body having 200 plus bones in it... Nice.
Mikaran 26.09.2018
Saul of Tarsus never existed.
Akikinos 27.09.2018
Time to send in the army and arrest and summarily execute all the treasonists.
Mobei 30.09.2018
Posting opinions on social media, attending a rally, or joining a political association are all basic democratic activities, and do nothing to create a hostile work environment. Citing them as rationale to fire an employee, is, to my mind, equally legal, but equally immoral as persecuting those of minority sexual interests, be they burlesque or homosexual.
Yozshunos 02.10.2018
It means that all other gods are subordinate to the One Creator, the God of gods. If any of the other gods refuses to serve the God of gods, that insubordinate one is a false god, acting outside of his authority and mission.
Juhn 08.10.2018
And secularism cannot also make up fairy tales as well?
Samule 15.10.2018
My sin is I can't resist an opportunity. ;)
Nikojas 21.10.2018
You are about to find out what being screwed is really like.
Voodoor 27.10.2018
FoundingFrog: With empathy we are a worthwhile society, without it we are a decaying one.


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