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And he said "as you do to the least among you, even so you do unto me." Specifically comparing himself to the imprisoned and the poor.

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Meztishicage 21.08.2018
Yes - that's exactly what I mean. I can't speak for theists, but the Christian at least finds that there's a positive end in self-judgement, and that's the freedom from self. Freedom from self allows me to be to Another. For the atheist, there is no Other to be to.
Tausida 24.08.2018
"But, Obama. Duh!!!!"
Yozshulkis 28.08.2018
Sounds Methodist. But like original Methodist. Before some kid told their founder that faith is everything.
Zulkir 01.09.2018
What clothing is ?idiotic? and ?ugly? is subjective. We can?t allow people to take away other?s peoples? rights on a whim.
Kazrashicage 04.09.2018
In what way is she confused? That?s what you wrote.
Arajar 12.09.2018
funny how these definitions keep changing to suit the fallacies
Shasar 18.09.2018
I do not see Israel as having much to do with this. Despite Iran's wish to drive them into the sea it is still an issue of Iran's direct intention and history of doing harm to the US.
Shakagal 21.09.2018
Remember that a theory is not a scientific law. A theory merely explains the phenomenon, whereas a law is the description of the observed phenomenon itself. A theory does not become a law because of extensive research done on it or due to its acceptance by people. Wherefrom, Evolution remains a theory up to this point; and will be so until it is elevated as a law; As in the rational on having germ theory and cell theory and the like, they will not turn into law by mere passing of time.
Goshura 01.10.2018
Would explain everthing.
Doutaxe 02.10.2018
No, because I am 79
Dikree 04.10.2018
I'm guessing that those things are important according to your interpretation of scripture. How do you know that you are right?
Dora 13.10.2018
And which of those links says all of Europe is covered by something ?Nationwide??
Maktilar 20.10.2018
Sell the cake and dont be a bigot
Douktilar 22.10.2018
happens daily , my son is black & many who come in his business have a problem w/ me . I just laugh them off , not worthy of my concern
Tozragore 26.10.2018
he like to ROLL a lot.
Akinozshura 29.10.2018
So? If you work in SF and earn $2,000/week and can't afford to LIVE in SF then you commute.
Tebar 06.11.2018
Ken Dark is an archaeologist who excavated a first-century house found in Nazareth. Ross Voss excavated a first century watchtower near an irrigation system in Nazareth. Yardena Alexandre has examined coins that date to the first century BCE in Nazareth.
Dur 16.11.2018
Mausar 17.11.2018
Spamming also means to answer the same comment over and over and has nothing to do with the actual "spam" label.


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