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A person is free to do what to their body in my opinion. Her being a porn star is honestly a horrible reason to say you don't respect someone. But...that's just MY opinion.

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Goramar 08.03.2018
Yes. When I read the same response over and over, with no relevance to the question, I think of "his name is Robert Poulsen."
Fenrijinn 16.03.2018
He was brave. He could have lost his business and all. It took courage to do what he did.
JoJok 26.03.2018
What date is appropriate to ask for anal?
Zulkill 02.04.2018
I remember house hunting a few years ago, found one that seemed too nice for the price and how long it had been on the market. When I entered the address on Google it came up on a database of locations known for manufacturing meth.
Kelkree 05.04.2018
He hasn't come back yet, he?
Fegrel 10.04.2018
Perhaps we are closer than I thought. Although I'm not sure the "parent" analogy fits that well, I do think the universe likely exists because of natural processes, or functions.
Akikora 17.04.2018
or what those sweaty palms last touched
Mezitilar 27.04.2018
How and when did Moses get this tablet? Did Moses get this tablet during the first few months of the Exodus (Exod 19:10-25). Because in Deuteronomy Moses gave the Israelites the tablets forty years later in the vicinity of Mt. Horeb (Deut 4:44-48).
Gugore 02.05.2018
Not simple enough, because conservatives don't like facts, except really, really, really, simple facts. .....like your zipper is down, or you've got toilet paper hanging out of the back of your pants. ......and even then.....
Kagajin 10.05.2018
Okay, that got a chuckle.
Malagrel 12.05.2018
It sickens me when I read about a school shooting. One side will be "see we told you we needed more gun laws" and the other side will be "See the proposed gun laws wouldn't have worked." Both sides completely forget the fact that kids died. And these deaths could have be prevented in most cases by the same security they put at the entrance of the county courthouse.
Yozshurn 15.05.2018
Unlikely, since our universe does not seem destined to have any progeny. Why would we be the last in line?
Dorg 22.05.2018
LOL. In your dreams cowboy.
Golar 27.05.2018
1. Anyone who can justify killing another human being, because their deity tells them it is okay, is immoral. Any deity that asks you to kill a child is immoral.
Shakalrajas 06.06.2018
I say: "Even the bad works for the good".
Akinorr 16.06.2018
the fact that he exists at all is first
Akitaur 22.06.2018
You tell me. You brought it up.
Arashiramar 25.06.2018
"I'll bet anything that they would say you are wrong based on their interpretation of the Bible."
Faetaxe 29.06.2018
how we live our lives is the one variable we truely control- very knowing this gives you an innate sort of power
Doktilar 05.07.2018
Shame, and fear of being beaten, bashed, and killed by fundamentalist homophobes
Kazrajas 13.07.2018
it's bad. i go to the NY metropolitan museum to see their Byzantine coin collection... yikes
Gorisar 21.07.2018
I'm talking about a path to citizenship perhaps, if they want it, rather than deporting millions of people.
Daimi 25.07.2018
Slavery is still not outlawed.
Daitaur 26.07.2018
Sorta like the Wizard of Oz. Love the big finish.
Garisar 03.08.2018
She says.... She may pop in and say Hey Y'allll.


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